Escape From Paradise City

Main features :
- An explosive mix between RPG, management and Real-Time Strategy in a contemporary living breathing city, fully animated in 3D, in an atmosphere that combines the underworld and the fantastic.
- Choose between 3 characters for the single-player campaign with their own profile and skills to develop.
- Two game views: the first that gets as close to the action as possible, and the second that provides a strategic overview to manage the character’s various territories most effectively.
- Discover an advanced character development system, a combat system based on skills, but above all, experience the real feeling of ruling over an entire city!
- Huge variety in the missions that will allow player to win XP, money, unique items and weapons.
- An extensive character development system with over 50 different skills to use in real time.
- Benefit from new skills, items and weapons for your characters by gaining control of new districts.
- Challenge your friends during fierce games through exciting multiplayer modes (up to 8 players).




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