Fantasy Wars

Fantasy Wars-step by step wargame, which is deployed in f universe. The project is developed engine TheEngine from SkyFallen Entertainment and combines modern three-dimensional graphics and the classic, well-known veterans serious strategy gaming process, and clear storyline, bloody and devastating war, a world where people coexist kingdom, orcs clans, fortress Santa Elves and the magic forest. The game consists of three linked campaigns . In each one of you, as leader of one of the races to create a mighty army, improve combat skills of its troops and explore devastating spells. Your battle with numerous enemies, assaults locks, finding artifacts and many other adventures.
Features of the game:

- battle in a three dimensional environment.
- A variety of tactical opportunities.
- original storyline.
- Vivid characters, developing during the game.
- Nine armed forces, more than 70 different units.
- An advanced system software units.


Full Version:

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