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In its former soldiers Vick Vance well focused in life. He had a job, Smiļģis clear objective-to protect. And he defended as able, but it is quiet during the days end. Guy dismissed from the service, burnt out. How to earn a living? How to feed a family? No legal case or dentistry or other lucrative professions were not familiar Vika. He accustomed to rely on the strength of the muscles, arms depot and its analytical mind.
These small for a successful career in business or politics, but it was enough to divide in the streets. In 1984, town Ways Siti lived on both laws: official code and concepts "on". Without regard to the police, bandit groups fighting for separate parts, mining racketeering and robbery. In their midst Vick felt more or less habitually: arms and muscles are caught in price. But Vance was not to Vance, he udovletvoris place "Six" in the murderous old. Vic begins ascent to the top of Mount Olympus criminal, but it needs the help-your help!
* Walking goal is not to get! To earn the respect of criminal Donow, you provernut lot of cases, visiting hundreds of the most frequent spots Ways City. Walk around them unrealistic, so Vick transportation uses. Certainly not the public, and personal. Acquire anywhere sedan, van, motorcycle or a trailer, it's easy: enough to stop the car and get on the road because of the grip of its rightful owner.
* air and sea! On roads are not always safe. Police could blockade in a narrow Pereulok, and competitors norovyat shoot rifles from the vehicle directly in the yard. For those who prefer less risk, there are alternative means of transport: the boats and helicopters. On the water and in the air a lot more space.
* Arms - the art of persuasion. Not all criminal authorities agree with your claims to the role of the criminal-dong. They have the right people and not try to get rid of two Vika. However, pistols, automatic rifles and grenades in his hands-strong counter to any dispute.
* Recall youth! Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories returns a unique romance of the 80th. The style of clothing, music, design cars and even architecture are all working on enjoying the atmosphere.

Publisher: Take 2 Interactive
Developer: Rockstar North
ISO-1271Mb CSO-983Mb

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