Only In Japan: Japan Buys Over 300,000 PSP Slims In Three Days

tgspsp.jpgAnd finally, the PSP shows signs of life! At least in Japan. And in direct contrast to our own, highly scientific findings. Enterbrain have announced that the PSP-2000 has sold 250,702 units in its first three days on the market. Impressive, but more so when you consider that counts only the standalone units: another 75,943 Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core bundles were also shifted (earlier in the week, I know, but they also sold out in about three seconds so they get counted), giving us a total of 326,645. If you don't think there's money to be made in new colours and the 176th Final Fantasy game of 2007, you're kidding yourself.
新型PSPの初週販売台数は25万台(エンターブレイン調べ) [Famitsu]

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