SBK07: SuperBike World Championship

PSP Games!


Publisher: Black Bean Games
Developer: Milestone
ISO-231Mb CSO-135Mb

Download Part 1
Download Part 2




Video SuperBike 2007 is the official FIFA World simulator for Superbayku (World Superbike Championship). The game will fully comply with the 2007 season: all runs, bikes, teams, as well as pilots with their customized copied from the real championship. Now you have an opportunity to upgrade your bike, changing its characteristics, such as maximum speed, suspension stiffness and choose the most optimal route for each rubber. SuperBike 2007 aims to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding PC, a good knowledge of good in the race by introducing various elements of race, making this game more realistic, but developers are not forgotten and the new racing-many of the game, along with realistic and bring some difficulties in managing can be disabled, and transferred to the manual to automatic control.

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