ESR: European Street Racing

Developed by: Team6 Game Studios
Published by: XIDER Games
Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D
Ripped: Company Logos and Music
Language: English 
Release date: 10.10.2007




Gentlemen... Start your engines!
Test your driving skills and race through the streets of seven of Europe’s principal cities including Moscow, Warsaw, London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Hamburg.
Construction sites, traffic, pedestrians, obstacles, speed cameras, and more danger than you can possibly imagine at high speed await you. Choose from a selection of modified super cars, tuning options, day and night racing modes. Drive as fast as you like and beat your mates on LAN and Internet… you will race against real players all over Europe!!!
European Street Racing is the fast and furious new street racing game from XIDER Games.
- The only racing game with 7 original European cities
- 12 car models inspired from the hottest European cars
- Destructible cars and objects, day und night modus, spectacular stunts, tuning options
- Race against your friends in LAN and Internet

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