Full Auto 2


Genre: Racing Action

The publisher: SEGA

The developer: Deep Fried The

language: English

type of the publication: Full The piercing: 3.10 oe and more, 3..5x-M33- X

the type of the means: CSO





In this game even conquerors reach to the finish by hardly living, and road is covered with the bent heaps of metal, which still several minutes were ago the foremost developments of engineering thought. New competitions in the speed and the skill to survive in the wild urban jungle await you. For you one must simultaneously virtuoso cope also with the control of the armored of auto-, and with the arsenal super-power weapon. Full Auto 2: Battlelines - continuation of the original play project Full Auto. The second part is even more dynamic - it was supplemented by new play regimes, models of automobiles, by weapon and enemies, with whom one must compete in the craftsmanship of automobile battles. Races became even more severe, and weapon - even more powerful.


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Part 1
Part 2

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