Year: 2007
Genre: Action
Developer: Rockstar
Platform: PSP
Firmware: 3.52-M33-4
Image Type: CSO
Interface Language: ENG


It's not as shocking as you'd expect, but Manhunt 2 still satisfies your primal instincts.

A lot has been made about Manhunt 2's supposedly ultra violent content. It depicts a lot of grisly murders, gruesome decapitations, and a few swift kicks to the genitals for good measure. It's not as bloody as you'd expect, though: The much-ballyhooed blurring added to the most extreme acts makes it occasionally difficult to see exactly what bloodthirsty rages you're subjecting your victims to. However, don't take this to mean that Manhunt 2 doesn't deserve its M rating. After all, there's still plenty of gore, sex, and adult language to go around. There's also some solid, stealthy game play to back up all the eviscerations. It's got some problems, but there's a lot here for patient gamers to sink their teeth into. This isn't a series of random, bloody tantrums--it's a calculated study in what drives a man to madness, and to what extremes he will go to discover the truth.



Size: 1.2GB

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