Napoleon Dynamite The Game


  • Year of the release: 2007
  • genre: Arcade
  • developer: Crave Ent
  • platform: PSP
  • type of the publication: FULL
  • piercing: e.shch2-.Mee-ya the type of the means: CSO
  • language of the interface: ENG


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Everyone's favorite moon boot maverick will star in a game inspired by the cult classic movie.

Company Crave Entertainment announced the development of game Napoleon Dynamite, based at the events of the similar film, released in 2004. In the game you will meet with familiar (with the condition of the fact that you they looked film) characters, including Keep, the uncle Rico, Pedro, To tin, and certainly, Napoleon himself. Napoleon dinamit, in whom actually such strange name and the surname, has nothing in common with its French namesake by Napoleon Bonaparte. However, in the main hero there is something remarkable, what it cannot itself in itself examine only on the strength of the fact that it is constantly occupied with very big deal - it looks into one point in the space, attempting to guess the sense of life. On the whole, in fellow not entirely in the order with the head... "Napoleon Dynamite - is one of the bright by film in the last ten years, stated Mark burk, Vice President Crave Entertainment. - this is one of those films, heroes and phrases from which remain from our memory to the long period. We greatly hope that for the worshippers of film also it is necessary on the soul the new game ".


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