Silent Hill : Origins

933072 Year: 2007
Genre: Horror
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Climax
Platform: PSP
Region: US
Publication Type: FULL & RIP
Firmware: 3.71 m33-2 or 3.52-M33-4
Image Type: ISO (FULL) & CSO (RIP)
Interface Language: ENG


This Silent Hill prequel on the PSP goes back to the beginning of the series, and you'll run into characters from the later games.

Silent Hill Origins is a new project, developed by the company for Climax PlayStation Portable, announced at E3 2006. The game tells the fate of the driver of the lorry fallen into terrible town while performing regular work.
New gameplay elements: management system and the location of the camera, settled on the PSP. The musical accompaniment will Akira Yamaoka.
Few people are aware, but there are places on earth, hitting a people who never return back. In referring to a normal and quiet town Saylent Hill becomes a deadly trap for anyone who crossed an invisible threshold. Like in the nightmarish dreams, in the wild and live the most horrible creatures, turning reality into madness. If predatory octopus, invisible city scatters its tentacles to lure another victim. And this time it will find you!
Unknown forces hero with new puzzles, which can only permit holder nerves of steel. But finding the right answer is to have a chance at salvation. New features character, even more heinous monsters and difficult tasks, the modern graphics and sobering atmosphere blood irrevocably into the abyss of fear! Silent Hill Origins face to face you with the most horrendous nightmare!
They fear large eyes! How awful is happening on the screen, and it is so beautiful. New image effects and the high sense of detail caused unforgettable. To believe in the dreadful reality frighteningly easy!


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Silent Hill: Origins [RIP]575 MB



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Silent Hill : Origins [FULL] 767 MB :

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