The Simpsons Game

Year: 2007
Genre: Action
Developer: EA
Publisher: EA
Platform: PSP
Region: Europe
Publication Type: FULL
Firmware: 3.52-M33-4
Image Type: CSO
Interface Language: Multi5



Legendary Simpsons family arrived in video games and has decided on  soul of the American mass culture, in general, and electronic entertainment industries in particular. This is a new storyline restraints Action The Simpsons from Electronic Arts. Caught on the other side of the monitor, each character has a unique ability to regain that and to be used  . Homer, for example, sends in the stomach all that is bad, and when calories reaches point-turns into a giant ball. If we add to the chili eaten , the scope still live and corona, burning and destroying everything. Less fattest Bart, which Parthenon, able to plan with the help of passers raincoat and shot from slingshots. In the battle is also scheduled Lisa and Marge, but their talent is not known yet.


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