SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike

Console: Sony Playstation Portable

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Slant Six Games

Publisher: SCEA

US: 06.11.07 | Europe: 30.11.07





Agitated neighbors are worse than the headache, but this still of polbedy. Represent that the people living next began to threaten you with war and nuclear weapons! Specifically, into this complex situation burn THE USA in game SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike. Radical insurgent forces completed military coup in South America and now will intend to throw flame revolutions to the north. In the completion of picture the fanatics took the ambassador of the United States. However, situation by no means hopeless - simply one additional task for the force "sea it is sealskin". The soldiers of elite subdivision will pass long journey through the cities of panama, and they will complete mission in the wild tropical jungle. The most contemporary weapon, the newest technologies, irreproachable training and perfect habits will become outstanding help in the forthcoming operation. However, its outcome depends only on the thought-out orders of commander, i.e., from you. Continuing the best traditions of a series, new episode supports the regime of collective game. They can join on one map and explain up to four commands, in what general the grasp is stronger. For the first time under the control of each participant occurs force of four people, who carry out any orders and who skillfully act in the complex situation. This indicates only one - battle will be hot! - convenience above in all. The instruction system, developed and adapted specially for PSP, makes it possible to instantly return orders to individual soldier or force as a whole. Any fuss with the buttons, the study of long lists and other of "bureaucracy" - sosredotoch'tes' on the war shooting! - competent tactics determines conqueror. For the victory it is necessary to check all versions of the course of events. Simple firing according to the enemies - not very effective means to the purpose. In your hands the imposing collection of the actually existing plans of combat operations - the creators closely collaborated with the veterans and was considered the experience of present military conflicts. - exotic decorations. Actions are turned in the meticulously recreated regions of panama - cities and the jungle. - infinite war. Nine nonlinear missions each time present surprises, since the dislocation of enemy troops with the repeated passage changes. - dangerous enemies. The soldiers of insurgent army are armed to the teeth and react to the least rustle or the motion. They accomplish attacks from the rear and evasive maneuvers - you will not miss with such enemies. - battle with the friends! Battles in the collective game on the incandescence of passions do not be inferior to topical campaign. Nine special-forces and simultaneous participations of four players make it possible to arrange properly entertainment collisions.


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