Burnout Dominator


Title: Burnout Dominator
Publishers: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Games
Platform: PSP
Genre: Racing










Burnout Dominator is a great portable driving game that keeps things moving with a good sense of speed and variety of events.



On roads Burnout there was always only one rule - conquers strongest! Burnout Dominator Even more graphically demonstrates superiority of force and impudence over polite weakness. Fellow- driver does not keep out of the way? So throw out it in curettes, eject to the crossbar, ram it it dandiest, finally! New episode Burnout - outstanding means for the "release of vapor". Splash out entire your irritability to the virtual rivals - and let they perish beautifully. Burnout Dominator Absorbed into itself the best regimes of all previous episodes! You do love speed? To you here! Bolides with the reactive acceleration in  seconds "place" the pointers of speedometers - the asphalt is melted under their tires.You again did not be mistaken by address! Burnout Dominator - these are the most spectacular and scale traffic accidents during entire history of a series. In the emergencies tens of transportation means, from the impacts which are dispersed to the small splinters, participate. For you it is necessary to overcome for the life and the victory.

you will give a ride on the light! Tens of routes to any taste await you: straight lines and wide for the amateurs of high speeds and relative to honest ride; narrow and twisting for the judges of special effect, aggressive races. - entertainments to any taste! Each will find here something for itself - swift contests in the speed, the competition to the "best" emergency and much other. - routes are full of surprises. You follow the mark- prompts - some fences and walls can be breached right through. But do not make this themselves: it does not be worthwhile to spoil machine against the concrete. Where to more amusingly make hole with the aid of the unlucky rival, and then to cut off way through the formed breach. - all machines are good! You will not find two identical bolides - in each of them your merits and deficiencies. Conquering in the dangerous competitions, you will gather the complete collection of unique auto-. - learn, who the best racer in your company! You will connect two psp and ustroyte highly topical contests. To chase it is possible, being located house, in the court, in the metro or even on the lectures in the university! - beat all records! With the aid of the special function you with the friend can exchange records in order "to externally" overcome each other. Compete, even when between you ten and hundreds of kilometers! - finish - yet not end. After gaining victory on all routes, you do not hurry to force auto- into the garage. The collection of routes on PSP can be supplemented, regularly loading additional tracks.

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