Mini Chess



A fully-featured freeware chess game based on Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework

  • easy-to-use interface with nice graphics
  • 4 playing modes: play locally (against the computer or in two-player mode) or over the internet (against a chess XML Web Service or against one of your MSN Messenger buddies)
  • 3 versions: for PocketPC, for Windows Smartphone and for Windows desktop
  • chess engine with 6 difficulty levels
  • full understanding of the chess rules: draw by repetition / by 50 move rule / by insufficient material, castling, en passant etc.
  • save/load games in FEN (Forsyth-Edwards Notation) format
  • automatically resumes an interrupted game
  • board editor
  • move history in standard algebraic notation
  • two image sets to choose from
  • can rotate the board
  • gives next move hints
  • small size, under 200KB for both mobile versions


System Requirement:

Win98/NT4/Me/2k/XP/2k3 with .NET Framework 1.1 (it can be downloaded from here) is required.
MSN Messenger (for Win98/NT4/Me/2k) or Windows Messenger (for XP/2k3) is also required in order to play with one of your buddies over the internet.

Size: 166KB only!



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