WipEout Pulse Full

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Year: 2007
Genre: Racing
Developer: SCEE
Publisher: SCEE
Platform: PSP
Region: Europe
Publication Type: FULL
Firmware: 3.71-M33-3
Image Type: CSO
Interface Language: ENG
Size: 224 MB



WipeOut Pulse - this is thermonuclear cocktail from the beyond the limits speed, highly technological weapon and dangerous routes. Game continues the traditions of predecessor, raising the lath of quality to the new height. Twenty four fresh routes, tons of strange weapon and future  bolides, for which 800 km/h - it is far from limit, await desperate racers. Competitions for the title of leader are passed between eight commands, including previously not represented Eg- X. You will estimate the merits of contemporary technologies, capable of not only reproducing, but also of disrupting the laws of physics. The innovation function Mag- strip literally sticks antigravity automobile on the surface, thanks to which you can forget about all limitations. Roll yourselves on the perpendicular walls and the ceiling, you enter into turnings at the maximum speed! In the collective match for the title of champion battle immediately several rivals. Sharpness to fight add powerful soundtrack, comprised of contemporary pop music  from fashionable di- Jays. You await Mason, Loco Dice and Stanton Warriors, but this not all - additional music, routes and transportation means are delivered separately from the game and are accessible to each.


Severe races. Rivals now not interference, simply remove them with the aid of the new highly technological armament. The set of fatal devices, beyond the limits speeds, complex routes and stress of a constant fight convert race into the gripping spectacle. Wide selection of regimes. In the single and collective game it is accessibly more than ten regimes, but their list can be increased, loading additions from the network. New machines, routes, weapon and musical compositions are accessible to all. Professional music. For the game were specially the popular compositions Mason, Loco Dice and Stanton Warriors. Igniting will make it possible to be bored not second. Complex routes. Twenty four dangerous routes await racers, it is sufficient daring in order to subjugate them. On the road to you will be encountered the sharp turns, indestructible obstacles, loop and breaks - you be maximally attentive. Feel itself paparatstsi! You can at any moment photograph your racing ship and lay out photograph to the universal review.


The game requires 3.71 firmware

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