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Collect bananas and other fruit while battling nasty monkeys and big bad bosses. Darwin the Monkey is a fun-loving platform game with a great jungle adventure. With 30 handcrafted levels and 6 varied gameplay types, Darwin the Monkey is sure delight you with it`s lighthearted family friendly gameplay and beautifully rendered graphics.

  • 30 handcrafted levels.
  • 6 gameplay types.
  • Family friendly.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB


Download Size: 13MB


Genre: Simulation
Release Date: Oct 22, 2007
Players: 1 Player 

EA unveils its newest The Sims game, and in a big departure from anything else in the series, it involves a shipwreck, monkey butlers, and sand buddies.

When your Sims find themselves stranded on an unexplored island paradise, you must help them to build a new life in this laptop-friendly member of The Sim Stories


The Asian Dynasties is a solid expansion that offers unique Asian civs and some other gameplay tweaks to Age of Empires III.







Genre: Horror Action Adventure
Release Date: Oct 23, 2007
Players: 1 Player

Six years after his last first-person shooter was released, Clive Barker is back with Jericho. We got to see the game in action during a recent visit to Codemasters.

Clive Barker may be one of horror writing's most revered names, but he's had some trouble cracking the video game market. His first game, Undying, was met with almost complete apathy by the PC community in 2001, winning the dubious honour of GameSpot's "Best Game No One Played" the same year. His second attempt, Demonik, was set to offer players a starring role as the villain of the piece, but it was scrapped midway through development. Jericho, his latest attempt at cracking the formula, may prove "third time lucky" for Barker, thanks to a new collaboration with Spanish developer Mercury Steam and British publisher Codemasters. From what we've seen already, the game looks promising enough to match the critical acclaim of Undying, and as it's hitting the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, it also has the potential to reach a much wider audience.

By Guy Cocker, GameSpot UK


Trailer (Awesome!)

DVD 4.00Gb




Installation Information:


Just extract the archives and burn/mount with your favorite software.

Install, copy our cracked content from DVD to game dir then play. Artist: Traincha
Title Of Album: Look Of Love
Year Of Release: Apr 30, 2007
Label: Blue Note Records
Genre: Jazz
Format: MP3
Quality: VBR kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo
Total Time: 56 min 59 sec
Total Size: 67.4 mb
2007 album from the Dutch vocalist, a collaboration with songwriting legend Burt Bacharach. The Look Of Love: Burt Bacharach Songbook is a tribute to Bacharach featuring the man himself on piano. The Look Of Love is her second album for Blue Note, the follow-up to her 2004 double platinum effort Strange Fruit. 14 tracks including 'I Say A Little Prayer', 'Do You Know The Way To San Jose?', 'I'll Never Fall In Love', 'Walk On By' and, of course, the title track. Blue Note.


Beautiful, pleasant voice, melodies, which is called, with sentiment are all pleased by jazz lovers and just good music.


Track list


1. Do You Know The Way To San Jose? (3:13)

2. The Look Of Love (4:34)

3. A House Is Not A Home (3:54)

4. I Say A Little Prayer (2:50)

5. Waiting For Charlie (To Come Home) (4:25)

6. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (3:07)

7. Falling Out Of Love (4:11)

8. Walk On By (3:09)

9. Alfie (4:35)

10. Anyone Who Had A Heart (5:27)

11. This House Is Empty Now (5:13)

12. (They Long To Be) Close To You (3:46)

13. The Windows Of The World (4:44)

14. That's What Friends Are For (3:51)

Microsoft DirectX is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio. DirectX includes security and performance updates, along with many new features across all technologies, which can be accessed by applications using the DirectX APIs.
At the core of DirectX are its application programming interfaces, or APIs. The APIs act as a kind of bridge for the hardware and the software to "talk" to each other. The DirectX APIs give multimedia applications access to the advanced features of high-performance hardware such as three-dimensional (3-D) graphics acceleration chips and sound cards. They control low-level functions, including two-dimensional (2-D) graphics acceleration; support for input devices such as joysticks, keyboards, and mice; and control of sound mixing and sound output. Because of DirectX, what you experience with your computer is better 3-D graphics and impressive music and audio effects.
Additional Information:
- The DirectX redist installation includes all the latest and previous released DirectX runtime. This includes the bi-monthly D3DX, XInput, and Managed DirectX components.
- The DirectX runtime cannot be uninstalled. We recommend Windows Me and Windows XP users create a "System Restore" point before installing.
Simply put, DirectX is a Windows technology that enables higher performance in graphics and sound when you’re playing games or watching video on your PC.

Supported Operating Systems:
- Windows 2000; Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Windows 2000 Professional Edition ; Windows 2000 Server; Windows 2000 Service Pack 2; Windows 2000 Service Pack 3; Windows 2000 Service Pack 4; Windows 98; Windows 98 Second Edition; Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1; Windows Server 2003, Data center x64 Edition; Windows Server 2003, Enterprise x64 Edition; Windows Server 2003, Standard x64 Edition; Windows Small Business Server 2003 ; Windows XP; Windows XP 64-bit; Windows XP Home Edition ; Windows XP Media Center Edition; Windows XP Professional Edition ; Windows XP Service Pack 1; Windows XP Service Pack 2; Windows XP Starter Edition; Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Homepage -
Size: 65MB

You are an adventure seeker who travels the world in search of forgotten & lost treasures. Search for hidden objects and circumvent unique puzzle traps to recover the most sought after treasures the world has ever known.
Welcome to Egypt! A piece of an ancient map was discovered and is believed to reveal the location of the Lost Tomb of Egypt. Under the direction of the Museum, you must immediately begin your adventure to locate the Lost Tomb and the treasures locked within! Complete all 20 missions by finding hidden objects and circumventing unique puzzle traps. Good luck on your adventure!
Take on 20 missions traveling to amazing Egyptian locations like the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the River Nile, Thrones, Tombs, Cairo, and many more. Play over 100 levels with 7 different types of mini-games and puzzles. Find over 2000 hidden objects in 2 unique game modes: Find the Lost Tomb and Secret Game mode which is unlocked only after you have located the Lost Tomb or have found all the hidden Scarabs which have been left behind in each location.


  • Over 2000 hidden objects in 20 Missions
  • 22 unique Egyptian locations
  • 7 unique mini-game puzzle traps, including Spot-the-Differences
  • Two game modes: "Find the Lost Tomb" and "Secret Game"

System requirements:
• Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
• DirectX 7
• 350 MHz
• 128 MB RAM

Download Size: 39.6 MB

Download Now!


Artist: Britney Spears
Album: Blackout
Release Year: 2007
Genre: Pop
Bitrate: MP3/ 192 Kbps
Size 65 mb

Track List:
01 - Britney Spears - Gimme More
02 - Britney Spears - Cold as Fire
03 - Britney Spears - It's Been A While
04 - Britney Spears - Everybody
05 - Britney Spears - Got Me High
06 - Britney Spears - Tell Me What Your Sippin’ On
07 - Britney Spears - Your...
08 - Britney Spears - The Sin City Rap
09 - Britney Spears - Rebellion
10 - Britney Spears - Baby Boy
11 - Britney Spears - Right now (Taste the victory)
12 - Britney Spears - Luv The Hurt Away



Britney Spears Blackout Album

Updated: 7:50 p.m. ET Oct. 23, 2007

NEW YORK - After making headlines for everything but music, Britney Spears is back with an album industry insiders say should top the charts despite her.

Over the past year the one-time Mouseketeer shaved her head, spent time in rehab, went through an ugly divorce, lost custody of her children and attacked a photographer’s car.

And in an odd habit yielding endless tabloid references to the title of her biggest album — “Oops!... I Did It Again” — she kept getting photographed without her underwear.


You want it to be bad. You want it to be really, really bad. You want it to be so eye-squintingly awful this train wreck called Britney Spears disappears from our lives forever.

Unfortunately, it's not that bad. In fact, it's nowhere near as bad as it deserves to be.

Despite the constant drama - the marriage, the head-shaving, the divorce, the rehab, the custody battle, the MTV performance and the lack of underwear - Britney has done what she used to do better than anyone else: made an enjoyable pop album.

From the opening tones of Gimme More to the closing Pharrell Williams-produced ballad Why Should I Be So Sad, Britney proves she can leave her chaotic personal life at the door to produce the goods in the studio.

There are classic club tracks (Gimme More, Hot As Ice), sexually suggestive eyebrow-raisers (Break the Ice, Get Naked (I Got A Plan)) and nu-rave romps (Toy Soldier, Ooh Ooh Baby ).

On Piece of Me she shows a level of self-awareness that no one has ever given her credit for. Over a futuristic synth-fuelled beat, Britney coos lines like "I'm miss bad media karma, another day, another drama" in the album's defining moment.

Okay, so it's not all perfect. Radar takes overblown synths to new, uncharted waters and should be left there to drown, while Heaven On Earth is a toe-curlingly cheesy '80s adventure that should never have seen the light of day.

And Britney still can't sing. Her vocals have more layers than a French pastry factory, often sounding so distorted a robot could be singing. But aren't all Britney Spears albums like that?

Still, you can't fault the album's production - which comes courtesy of rising star and Timbaland prodigy Nate Hills, among others - and the ability of a pop star to make a comeback like this, despite admitting she's "a freak show".

You'll always be a freak show, Britney. But as long as you keep churning out albums as good as Blackout, we won't stop watching.

Britney Spears' Blackout is released in New Zealand on October 30 but on GameSMS you will get it now! smile_teeth

Year: 2007
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Buziol Games
System requirements: Minimum
Interface Language: English only
Version: 4.0


Super Mario Forever is really a classic Mario remake. Once again you strap on your wrench and hardhat and guide the chubby plumber through many skillfully made levels. The diversity of the levels is very impressive. You will have to get through levels ranging from underwater caverns to levels filled with hot lava.

Version 4 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.


Download Now (20.54MB)

An excellent compilation of wallpaper for your mobile phone in solving. All of whom Laziness cut himself!

280 pictures by 240×320

There is a bunny, hamster, there is a ball, respectively, in the hamster ball. So, managing these ball containing an Environmental, you have to travel for some time 3-dimensional maze. Several regime games that allow you not only to travel at the time, but a tournament, several levels of difficulty, the higher the level of complexity, the more you will meet obstacles in the way.



Artist: VA
Title: House Music Miami
Label: Nova MD
Genre: House
Store date: 2007
Source: CDDA
# Tracks: 13
# CDs:: 1
Lenght: 74:30 min
Encoder: Lame
Quality: VBR KBps
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz
Nonstop mix: Yes
*.cue: Yes
Archive size: 109 Mb
Recovery record: Yes

Track list:
01 Esteban Garcia - Deeper Love (Ralf Gum Mix)
02 Rey Salinero - Chi-Town (Christian Hornbostel Mix)
03 Factor E & Dalminjo - Groove Makes Us High
04 Dj Soulstar Vs. David Maranello - In The Music
05 54 Feat. Lawson - Sky High (Fab Remix)
06 De Capo - Esqueleto (Primera Division Remix)
07 Bizz Kids - Papaya (Jim Connor & Dave Phonic Club Mix)
08 Schwarz & Funk - Pumpin (Prime Time Mix)
09 Chris Montana - Devil (Vocal Club Mix)
10 Big World - Powder
11 Dub Deluxe - It's Been Done (Into The Groove Mix)
12 Phonky Riot - It's Rock (Phattucini Bros. Mix)
13 Dub Deluxe - Sex On Sax (Sunloverz Remix)






Password: lime



A good compilation of beautiful and stylish wallpaper. Quality excellent! Solutions

Resolution: 1024х1280.
54 pics

Size: 14,6 mb


Artist: FTV
Title: New Season
Label: Music Brokers
Genre: Lo-Fi, Downtempo, House, Deep House
Store Date: 24 October 2006
Source: CDDA
# Tracks: 36
# CDs: 3
Length: 02.21:22
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Quality: 320 kbps / VBR
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44khz
Tags: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3
Nonstop mix: No
*.cue: No
Archive size: 219MB
Recovery record: Yes

CD1 - Downtempo
01 Von Mondo - My Soul
02 G-Sspliff - What`d I Do Wrong (Sixth Finger Remix)
03 Natalie Renoir - Folded Wings
04 Eternal Trip - Hidden Beauty
05 Space Gang Feat. Natascha - Angel
06 Groovy Waters - No Matter What (Nu Soul Edit)
07 Sixth Finger Feat. Anekka - Something You Should Know
08 Elio Riso & Raffunk - To Be Or Not To Be (Slow Remix)
09 Glambeats Corp. - Everything I Have (Space Mix)
10 Corcovado Frequency - Connect (Instrumental Version)
11 Whip Culture - The Rood (Glambeats Sunshine Remix)
12 Lalann - Tour Privee

CD2 - Deep House
01 Von Mondo - Reflex (Total Happiness Version)
02 Natascha - Feel
03 Morgan, G & Machines - Perfect Night (Frederiks Delight Mix)
04 Glambeats Corp. - Miracle (Single Version)
05 Francoise Sanders - My Life
06 Lalann - Losing You (Outtake)
07 Anekka - Night Of Pearls
08 Ronan Feat. C.Shaw - The Only One (Vocal)
09 Shortcut - Leaving Vegas
10 Glambeats Corp. - Fantasy (Sixth Finger Remix)
11 Liongold - Cycledeclic Cherry
12 Index Meets Solimano - Trippin` On A Dreamtime (Trippin Mix)

CD3 - Night Time
01 Wax Hero - Feel Right (On A Shore Mix)
02 Limelight Sound - Mice In My House
03 Index - Rhodes 66
04 Ronan - Circle Vision
05 Alexander C - Hot Night (Wild Party Version)
06 Future Soundscapes - Let`s Go
07 Liongold - False Alarm
08 Purple Kiss - Ants
09 Elio Riso & Raffunk Feat. Mary - Be Mine (Radio Edit)
10 Whip Culture - Swallow (Brand New Track)
11 Default - Our Sound
12 Rockin` Beats - Rockin` Beats (Robotronic 12" Mix)

Download: FTV - New Season




Password: lime

Artist: Dave Seaman
Title: Therapy Sessions Vol. 4
Label: Moist Music
Genre: Progressive House
Store Date: 16 October 2007
Source: CDDA
# Tracks: 29
# CDs: 2
Length: 02.20:10
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Quality: 320 kbps / VBR
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44khz
Tags: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3
Nonstop mix: Yes
*.cue: Yes
Archive size: 202MB
Recovery record: Yes

01 Gui Boratto - The Verdict
02 Trentmoller - Moan
03 Superlounge - Ghost
04 Pryda - Rene
05 RF - The Dig
06 Martin Solveig - Rejection (Trickski Darqueclub)
07 Guy J - Been Here Before
08 Roland Klinkenberg feat DJ Remy - Mexico Can Wait (Peter Horreworts Mix)
09 Superbass feat Dominique Woolf - Don't Be Silent (Accapella)
10 Glockenspiel and Bart Cruz - Intersection (Stephan Hinz Like Melodies remix)
11 16 Bit Lolitas - Home Made Roll
12 Rekorder - Rekorder 7.1
13 Christian Fischer vs Hybrid - I Know
14 Purple Code - The Rising
15 Kiko - Faces Of Life
16 Shlomi Aber and Itamar Sagi - Blonde
01 Chexlia Chan - By Chance (Martin Buttrich mix)
02 UNKLE - Burn My Shadow (Gavin Herlihy dub)
03 Presslab Boys - Come Back To Brasil
04 King Roc - Flicker
05 Butch - On The Line (Swen Weber Mix)
06 Vincent Vega - Rectum (Jamie Stevens Mix)
07 Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)
08 Julian Jeweil - Air Conditionne
09 Kid Creme feat Bashiyra - The Game (Kids Voodoo Dub)
10 Le Noir - Eleny (Luke Dzierzek Mix)
11 King Unique - Yohkoh
12 Deadmau5 - Jaded
13 Paul Hartnoll feat Robert Smith - Please (KCB Mix)

Download: Dave Seaman - Therapy Sessions Vol. 4 (Promo CD)




Password: lime 

Heatseeker is an arcade-style flying game from IR Gurus, the same developer behind 2005's Heroes of the Pacific. Unlike Heroes, Heatseeker takes place in modern times and places you in the cockpit of some of today's most well-known fighter jets. It's not a very deep game; it's kind of ugly, and the story is flat out stupid. But Heatseeker can be fun in small doses--especially if you don't mind taking down wave after wave of enemies, level after level.

vendor: Codemasters
genre: flying
age: 12 +
the type of image: CSO



HeatSeeker (PSP) 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Biggest innovative AI system called Team vision that will allow the computer to members of your team fit a particular style of play under game, which can improve teamwork. The same can be said about a team opponents, which at this time can not be the same tricks. Thanks Team vision computer football players will learn from their own mistakes, forging new tactical scheme and using new techniques.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 CLONEDVD - PROCYON

Pro Evolution Soccer series has always prided different from FIFA game play. Soccer ball again will be an autonomous object on the field, which is not tied to any athlete. The choice of the right moment of impact forces and the accuracy of the calculation depends on falling player. A new system of AI will do everything to ensure that prevented opponents of the player strike or stand in the way of the ball. Developers note that the dribbling system will also be significantly altered.
Detail characters will be available to a qualitatively new level, great emphasis is placed on the face of animation and realistic movements. Versions of the game for the PC and Xbox consoles PS3 and 360 will offer you a new editor athletes.





Installation Notes
- Unpack

- When prompted for serial use: NA9C-97AN-HSLC-46R5-JYM9

- Mount with "Daemon Tools Pro"
- Install
- Run YASU from "Daemon Tools Pro" directory
- Play



1 - Download all files.. 54 part
2 - UnSplit with Advance Split Machine PS_2008_2.part1of25.adsm
3 - UnSplit with Advance Split Machine PS_2oo8.part1of29.adsm
4 - Unrar
5 - Mount or Burn
6 - Install
7 - Aplly nocd
8 - Play & Enjoy




Alternatif - Mirror SendSpace Link




Alternatif - Mirror Filefactory Link




Alternatif - Mirror Megaupload Link














UnSplit With Advance Split Machine






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