Custom Firmware 3.80 M33-4 Kernel 1.5


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+ Popsloader v.2


-- To install the required PSP with firmware 3.52 M33-3 or higher.

-- Charge the battery at 80% -100%
-- Copy of the PSP folder in the root folder M33 memory card
-- Start menu updated through Game> Memory Stick
-- During installation, press X
-- You will be formally presented to the installation menu, follow the instructions.


It’s here! Dark_AleX has finally released custom firmware 3.80 M33 to the masses. As per usual, the latest edition in the M33 firmware series features all the enhancements included in official firmware 3.80, plus a load of extras.

Specific changes and bug fixes are outlined below.

* HEN core: user mode can load now sign checked files from flash.
* recovery: flash1 format will create flash1 directories after format.
This could fix some flash1 issues with the previous versions.
* Network update from page. By default is enabled.
You can turn it off in recovery (when off, network update will download sony updates as usual).
* Nids resolver for various kernel libraries.

In addition, Alex notes that popsloader in its current form will not work with 3.80 M33. A new version compatible with 3.80 M33 will be released shortly.

Update: Dark_AleX has sent word that a 1.5 kernel add-on for regular PSP units is currently in the works. Expect a release soon.


Installation Guide

First grab the 3.80 M33 files and extract them.
1. Copy the UPDATE folder contained in the archive to X:/PSP/GAME
2. Download the 3.80 EBOOT, and then place it in X:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE
3. Navigate to the Game menu on the PSP and execute the program, it will not run unless there is 78 percent battery free.
4. Press X and the update process will start. Yes it may look similar to a regular Sony update but don't worry!
5. Once finished, the updater will ask you to press X or O to reboot. You MUST do this, otherwise you'll end up with a brick.
6. You've successfully installed 3.80 M33!

Download Size 48MB

Custom Firmware 3.80 M33-4 Kernel 1.5 + Popsloader v.2

Custom Firmware 3.80 M33-4 Kernel 1.5 + Popsloader v.2

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Jaxter said...

Homebrew developer Dark_AleX has issued an update to PSP custom firmware 3.90 M33 which further improves compatibility of the built-in M33 NO-UMD driver. As usual, the update can be downloaded from Network Update or by following the direct link listed below.

Download PSP Custom Firmware 3.90 M33-3:

* March30 NO-UMD driver compatibility has increased to support games like Coded Arms, Patapon, Harvest Moon Innocent Life and probably others affected by same errors.