The Hell in Vietnam

The Hell in Vietnam for PC - The Hell in Vietnam PC Game - The Hell in Vietnam Computer Game

Set during the Tet Offensive, become an officer of the US Army and participate in one of its most bloody conflicts.




The Hell in Vietnam is a competent first-person shooter set in, yes, Vietnam. At first glance the gameplay is nearly identical to that of the Call of Duty series, both in graphics and in the objective-based action. On the positive side, the game looks great and runs very well even on modest hardware, but it soon becomes clear just why. Though nice from afar, textures blur when you come near and most foliage reveals itself to be made of annoying 2D sprite-like objects. Nonetheless, there is enough variation in weaponry, vehicles and missions to keep you interested. The non-stop action, punctuated with sneaky ambushes by charlie, does seem to give a sense of the hell that was Vietnam.


* Become an officer of the US Army and participate in one of its most bloody conflicts.
* 8 highly playable missions, giving you many hours of great entertainment.
* Detailed models of the US Army weaponry from 1968: M16 A1 assault rifle, M14 semiautomatic rifle, M79 CAW grenade launcher etc.
* Equally detailed models of the weapons used by the Vietnamese army: AK-47 assault rifle, PPsh 41 automatic, RPG-7 rocket launcher etc.
* Various military equipment for both sides of the conflict - PBR patrol boats, Huey and Mi-4 helicopters, BRDM armoured scout cars, and even F-4 Phantom planes.



The Hell In Vietnam Download

The Hell In Vietnam Download




Hell in Vietnam Download


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