American Girl: Mia Goes for Great

coverHelp Mia prepare for her figure-skating performance by choosing a costume, selecting the music, and choreographing the routine.

Published by: THQ

Developed by: Imagine Engine

Genre: Skating / Sports
Number of Players: 1





In American Girl: Mia Goes For Great, players help Mia prepare her solo appearence at the Lucerne's Winter Show by choosing a costume, designing and practicing a skating program and selecting music for her performance. The Program Builder allows players to choose fancy twists and jumps to practice, and players can find helpful hints at the library for all the tips and requirements needed to help Mia skate her way to the challenging Regionals. American Girl: Mia Goes For Great also features two strategy-based mini-games, "Rink Sweep" and "Snowflakes" and that challenge the skills of players.



Screenshot: American Girl: Mia Goes for Great

Screenshot: American Girl: Mia Goes for Great

Screenshot: American Girl: Mia Goes for Great



Guide Mia through two fun stories: preparing for the Lucerne's
Winter Show and training for Regionals
Go to the skate shop and answer Mona's trivia questions to get
new skates
Earn material for Mia's skating costume by working as Zuzu the
Squirrel, the mascot for Nelda's Notions
Lend a hand to Mia's brother, Perry, by helping him clear snow
off the pond for hockey practice
Design Mia's practice routines with the Program Builder so she
can pull off a flawless performance
Refer to the helpful hints in the library book to assemble a
second skating program for the Regionals
Find out who has Mia's MP3 player, which has all her skating
Exciting mini games include Rink Sweep and Snowflakes


Minimum Requirements:
Windos XP/Vista
Pentium III 800 MB Ram
Direct X 9.0 or higher
32 MB DirectX compatible video card
DirectX compatible sound card
4X CD Rom
Keyboard and mouse



Download: American Girl: Mia Goes for Great PC 

Install Notes:

1. Unpack Release
2. Mount/Burn Image
3. Install Game
4. Play the game


100MB Each Part Except last one

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