Assassins Creed REPACK -RELOADED

The first game in the Assassin's Creed franchise is set in 1191 AD, when the Third Crusade was tearing the Holy Land apart.
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Genre: Action
Also Available On: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


From the team that brought the world Prince of Persia and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell comes a sophisticated new franchise utilizing the power of next-gen technology for its complex action.
The setting is 1191 AD. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You, Altair, intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict. You are an Assassin, a warrior shrouded in secrecy and feared for your ruthlessness. Your actions can throw your immediate environment into chaos, and your existence will shape events during this pivotal moment in history.

HQ Screens:

Assassin's Creed: Screenshot
Assassin's Creed: Screenshot

Minimum System Requirement:
* Windows XP or Vista
* 2 GB RAM
* Dual Core processor (Intel or AMD)
* 256 MB Video card with support for Direct3D 10 or Direct3D 9 compatible card with Shader Model 3.0
* DirectX compatible driver
* DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
* 16 GB From Free Disk Space

Install Note:
1. Unrar.
2. Burn the image.
3. Install the game.
4. Copy the cracked executable over from the Crack directory on the DVD to
your installation directory.
5. Play the game.

Download Below
Other Info
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Anonymous said...
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Jaxter said...
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Anonymous said...

cannot run the auto run in windows vista. Error "setup is not a valid win32 application" any workaround for this ?

Jaxter said...

ur drive doesn't read the files you just mount them by deamon tools

Anonymous said...

If i am not downloading the right file where is the right files... please post again. FYI download button on this page do not work. if there is a single ISO.... please post it. Thanks a bunch

Jaxter said...

press on the button near "Other Info"

Anonymous said...

Yes I git it from those links but it is giving me the Error "setup is not a valid win32 application". when i EXTRACTED THE FILES THERE WERE SOME SETUP FILES, NOT A iso FILE THAT I CAN MOUNT TO Demon tool.

what should i do

Jaxter said...

give me the name of the exe file u have and the downloaded link cause there's 3 mirrors

Anonymous said...

I got the files from "" and ""

i assume it is the same files so dose not matter .. right. both links direct to the same files.

i go some from the first and some from the second. The EXE it setup.exe ... which is auto run is pointing too

Jaxter said...

the real file should be Assasins-Creed-rld-Up_gilaraujo_TheGenius.iso

first when u downloaded all 9 Files
you should merge them with HJsplit read help section in the buttom of page ""

Anonymous said...

I am sorry still gives me the same error ... i am using windows vista ....

That should not be a problem right ... can you upload the iso to some location and send me the link

Jaxter said...

Can't, i don't upload i just search and make indexing for useful links

tutorial and download hjsplit goes here: (i updated the page)