So Blonde

CoverSo Blonde is a tropical adventure game brought to you by the writer of the original Broken Sword game.

Published by: Anaconda

Developed by: Wizarbox

Genre: Adventure







Sunny Blonde is a spoiled girl who has little to worry about in her life. That is until the day she boards a cruise ship that gets caught in a storm and forces the passengers to abandon ship. Sunny manages to make it to a small desert island by herself, but it's no ordinary island: through some freak of time and space, she seems to have been transported several centuries back and landed in the middle of an age ruled by pirates and buccaneers. Now Sunny must learn not only to survive on her own, but without her luxeries as well.



So Blonde ScreenshotsSo Blonde Screenshots

So Blonde ScreenshotsSo Blonde Screenshots


Download: SO BLONDE for PC

Size: 2GB


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