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Cue Club is a comprehensive and fully interactive pool simulation game. You can play the entire game using only the mouse, which makes the game instantly playable and highly addictive.

You can choose from a variety of table designs and game types, including UK 8 Ball, U.S. 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Snooker, Killer, and Speed Pool. Fans of Euro-style play will enjoy 2 different types of Snooker, one with 15 reds and one with 10. You'll find plenty to keep you occupied.

With Cue Club, it is easy for a beginner to get going and full-featured enough for the pool master to find hours and hours of enjoyment!



Cue Club ScreenshotsCue Club Screenshots

Cue Club Screenshots

System requirements:

  • Windows 98 or later
  • Processor: Pentium 166
  • Memory: 16 MB
  • 100 MB free hard disk space





Download:Cue Club (Pool) PC


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