Twisted Metal 2

Before you think that this is an entirely bad game, let me be the first to inform you that it does have its strong points.

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment

Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-8

Also Available On: PlayStation


Twisted Metal 2 is set one year after the original Twisted Metal, and it begins with with the contest host, Calypso, standing in his blimp above Los Angeles, which lays in ruin after the original Twisted Metal competition destroyed it. Looking at this, Calypso faces a dilemma... where will this Twisted Metal take place? He already had ten combat drivers selected, eager to battle to the death, with the winner receiving one wish, whatever their heart desires. He looks at a nearby globe, and decides the world will be his battleground! New York! Hong Kong! Even Antarctica! There will be no safe zones this year! Nowhere to hide! This time, Twisted Metal will destroy the world!


Download: Twisted Metal 2 Full For PC


extract the archive then before begin playing run reg file and confirm it to post the game in your registry then press on tm2.exe to play!

Size: 22MB!
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