UMDGen 4

Compress iso’s and cso’s You can also change a cso into a iso, and you can rip music from games and stuff.

Change Log / Features:

1- New layout
2- UMDGen now displays information from UPDATE\PARAM.SFO as well as
3- Optimize button added. This function automatically detects and resizes
dummy data, removed un-needed padding and dummies the contents
of the UPDATE folder (if detected)
4- Non-PSP standard images can be forced to be read by the user. Upon
detection, UMDGen will let you know the image is non-standard and
you can choose whether to continue and have UMDGen attempt to read
it - *NOTE* depending on the individual image, this could cause UMDGen
to close if it encounters data it isn't expecting - but the general rule is
if the PSP can read it then presume UMDGen can too.
5- UMD_DATA.BIN file generator. If your compilation is missing this file
then UMDGen gives you the oppertunity to create a new one.
6- Ability to change "PSP_SYSTEM_VER" in PARAM.SFO to different firmware
version. (Use +/- key while version is selected)
7- 'Drop Open' images re-introduced due to a lot of requests to re-add it
to UMDGen.
8- Complete CSO + DAX support. You can now edit compressed images
the same as uncompressed images. Dax support now includes the use
of Non-Compressed areas feature.
9- 'Ezip' format removed. We didn't think it was worth keeping this
format since it only had very limited support anyway.
10- 'Dummy File' option added as requested by many users.
11- v3.50 still had trouble with one or two problem images. A lot of code to
do with the reading/writing process has been restructured and these
problems should now be fixed.

[Direct full speed download for 50c/GB] 

UMDGEN 4.0 Download

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