Alone In the Dark 2008 OST


Various Artist

Album Name: Alone In the Dark 2008 OST

Genre: Soundtrack

Release Date: 2008

Size: 98MB

Format: .RAR

Quality: 192kbps


01. Prelude to an End
02. Edward Carnby
03. The Fissure
04. Collapsing Floors
05. The Faτade
06. Reception Hall
07. The Humanz
08. Who Am I?
09. Central Dark
10. Crying New York
11. Loneliness
12. Bethesda Fight
13. Killing the Fissure
14. No More Humans
15. Truth
16. Niamam
17. The Light Test Carrier
18. Shto Li [a cappella]
19. The Final Gate
20. The Choice
21. An End for a Prelude

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