The Sims: The Complete Collection

The Sims: The Complete Collection is a bundle that includes the original game and seven expansion packs.


The Sims 8 in 1
The game plus all of it's beloved expansion packs. An entire world of Sims awaits your quirky command. It's your neighborhood, they're your Sims, and whether they prosper or perish is completely up to you! The Sims Complete Collection includes:
• The Sims Livin' Large
• The Sims House Party
• The Sims Hot Date
• The Sims Vacation
• The Sims Unleashed
• The Sims Superstar
• The Sims Makin' Magic
• The Sims Creator Tool
• Plus bonus content from previous collections!

Exclusively on PC


The Sims Screenshots

The Sims ScreenshotsThe Sims ScreenshotsThe Sims Screenshots

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104MB Each

Keygen and crack include!

Size: 52.4MB X43


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