Burn an ISO Image to CD & How To Mount Image Using DaemonTools

This tutorial will help you burn an image to a cd.

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For this tutorial I will be using Nero because its the best one to use or you can use magic iso or ultra iso but for me Nero is more reliable download the latest version of Nero below:

Download : Nero 8 Ultra Edition | ALL Language

Download : KeyGen Only

Supported Platforms: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista

Bare in mind that I used an old version of Nero that came with my pc, but the old Nero should have the same thing just better graphics
First pop in a cd to your disc drive (easiest step) (Depending on how big your iso image is you might need a dvd rom instead of a cd rom.)

(Example: 678 mb=cd rom; 2 gigs=dvd-rom, anything over 700 mbs will need a dvd-rom)

Second open up Nero:

Next go to the copy and back up icon and click on burn image to cd:

After that, you will get a window that looks like this:

After that make sure that you change the files of type to "all files" or else you wont be able to view your iso image

Next go to the location where you have saved you iso file and click on it:

After you click on your iso image you will get a screen that looks like this:

Choose the options that you find reasonable and finally press next
You will get a screen that looks like this indicating that your image is burning to your cd:

Finally, just wait til the process is done and you will have successfully burned an image to a cd.

How To Mount An Image Using Daemon Tools

In common use, an "ISO" file is a single file that contains the complete image of a disc. Such files are often used when transferring CD-ROM images over the Internet.
In this guide I will be showing you how to mount a ".ISO" image in a virtual drive to play/watch it.
if you don't have Deamon Tools Download the latest version below:

Download : DAEMON Tools a new window will open click on right download link to begin your download.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Once you have installed and started DAEMON tools, you should now see a "lightning bolt" icon (green) next to your PC clock. [Screen Shot Below]

Go ahead and right click that icon and then left click "VIRTUAL CD/DVD-ROM" , then left click "Set number of devices...", then decide on how many virtual drives you wish to have. For this tutorial I only choose "1 drive" (red). [Screen Shot Below]

After that, go ahead and right click that "lightning bolt" icon again, left click "VIRTUAL CD/DVD-ROM" again. Then left click "Device 0: [*Letter*] No media", then left click "Mount image" (blue). [Screen Shot Below]

Then on the screen that pops up, navigate to where your ISO file is to mount it to the virtual drive. When you find it, click it once then click the "Open" button (purple). [Screen Shot Below]

After clicking the "Open" button, it will act just like you put a DVD in. It will ask you what you want windows to do. Either pick a task for it to follow or cancel it and do your own thing if the program you want to use is not listed there. [Screen Shot Below]

Ok your finished with loading the image.
Now if you go to "My Computer", you will see a "extra" drive listed there (red). That is the "virtual drive" created by DAEMON Tools. [Screen Shot Below]

To remove it, right click that icon and then left click "VIRTUAL CD/DVD-ROM" , then left click "Set number of devices...", then click "Disable".
POOF! Its gone!

And thats how to mount an image using daemon tool!

please post your comment for any help and suggestion.

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