Casino Tycoon

Published by: Monte Cristo
Developed by: Cat Daddy Games
Genre: Strategy

In this game you are in charge of a five star casino with a variety of games, hotels, gift shops, restaurants, and more to keep guests happy.

Casino Tycoon Description:

Be the casino boss, and enter the glittering world of jackpots and roulette wheels. Design the casino of the century, and play host to gamblers of all kinds, from beginners to professionals.
Keep your clientele happy: recruit and run dealers and waitresses, invest in restaurants, bars and hotels, invite professional casino...

Special Features:
  • Build the casino of your dreams: the mysterious
  • Oriental , the luxurious Monte Carlo or the glittering Las Vegas!
  • Find all casino games: Roulette, Black Jack,
  • Craps, Poker and more!
  • Develop restaurants, bar, gift shops, hotels, etc.
  • Run various professions: from the cocktail waitress to the entertainers via the security guards!
  • Look after your clientele by watching indicators such as satisfaction, honesty, appetite, luck, etc.
  • Attract professional gamblers and celebrities.


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