DirectX 10 NCT 2 For Windows XP


Release Date: 8.09.2008
Operating system: Win XP
Language: Russian, English, German, French

DirectX 10 NCT 2 - this is a new patch to increase the compatibility of new games and programs with Windows XP and achieve noticeable increase in speed and quality graphics in games. The same patch corrects mistakes with the launch of games requiring files with DirectX 9.0 and earlier versions. Also, if graphics card with support for DX10 makes those options available, the next-generation games, which before the installation of these libraries were not available. In this version the number of libraries increased twice that finally allowed to reach full DirectX 10 for Windows XP.

Note: to be sure that DirectX 10 has been installed successfully write on run command: dxdiag then press enter


Size: 10.52MB


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