Grand Theft Auto 4 PC Video Game Review


Available since April 29 last, Grand Theft Auto IV will once again scored minds. Title of all superlatives, the game Rockstar has obviously benefited from its sulphurous reputation for its success, but versions Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are undoubted successes in gameplay very effective. An efficiency that we obviously slow to find on a PC.
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The PC is not forgotten by Rockstar is a clear message that developers of the new Grand Theft Auto IV were keen to get. Our guests have insisted that the series was first born on the PC before migrating to consoles show. However, no question of revolution for the PC version of the game: it is exactly the same way with the same operation, the same mechanisms, the same gameplay. As a result, no question for us to make a real preview, reading a test Playstation 3 / Xbox 360 is largely enough to know everything about the adventures of Niko Bellic.

We therefore focus here on changes made by developers and primarily on technical changes. If everybody does not have a powerful PC, it remains clear that many players have far more efficient machines that next gen console. As a result, Rockstar account exploit this extra power to make the whole more successful. There is no question of any remake, but rather to make some keys for the player feel better. The distance display has been increased along with the available resolutions.

Especially visible during the pursuit sequences, this additional depth helps to take the game to make a little more in the atmosphere. On the resolutions, nothing very original, but Rockstar has reworked its title so that it operates up to 2560x1600 for an overall purpose. Even finding the level of certain textures and some special effects that take advantage of advanced features some graphics cards. However, no comment about the implementation of related features DirectX 10.

The developers are also remained fairly vague on controllers compatible. It is of course possible to play the keyboard / mouse and joystick Xbox 360 will be managed. However, for other builders levers Thursday, things are less clear. Less clear as the limits of the multiplayer mode and then on consoles that we are limited to 16 players simultaneously, Rockstar has to go further, but still seems to hesitate between 24 and 32 players for the maximum. The regulars of online gaming will appreciate against by the availability of new options for networking parts.

In particular, he discussed "filters" to fall on parts multi-line correspond more to what we seek. Rockstar operates by the possibility of the PC in navigation in servers game against a developer did not wish to enter into the details of game modes for this first contact with the PC version. An initial contact has been limited to an attack by bank perfectly executed by our host. Nothing to say about the fluidity of the game, even if all was not as graphically speaking worked as we would have liked.

Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC should not disappoint fans of the series and especially the last parts. Rockstar seems to have appporté improvements which, if not many, are interesting and we believe particularly in regard to all the multiplayer mode. The output is therefore scheduled for next November and count on us to talk to you very quickly and details including the already famous replay mode: it is "remember" the last 30 seconds Thursday to power revise them when you want, edit, remove pictures and mount them to achieve some short films. A title that is obviously necessary to follow with great attention and it proves (taking into account the success of gaming consoles, Rockstar did not "need" of the PC) that despite the rhetoric, the PC platform is far from dead.

The visual enhancements, GTA4 also offers an impressive replay mode. The game always records the last 30 seconds of whatever you do, and at any moment you can tap a button on the keyboard to capture a video clip. You're then able to edit together these clips in a montage editor and export your own home videos to Rockstar's Social Club website.

Running at a maximum resolution of 2560x1600, the game's PC port offers all sorts of visual enhancements over its console counterparts, from a further draw distance to higher-res textures.

  • Genre :Action
  • Play modes : Solo Internet
  • Number of players : Up to 16 players
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Publisher : Rockstar Games
  • Distributor : Take-Two Interactive
  • US Exit : Fall 2008 Tags: ,,,,
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