Mind Machine




Mind Machine Description:

Mind Machine PC Game is a classic game with multiple puzzles for your PC. Mind Machine can be played alone or in a competition mode. The games in Mind Machine are easy enough for your whole family and challenging enough to keep them interested. Try this classic on your home PC this weekend. You'll come back to Mind Machine again and again. Fancy something a little different, try Mind Machine? Mind Machine is a fantastic game has huge appeal with its host of wacky, original, and hilarious challenges that will twist your brain inside-out, upside-down and back-to-front.

Mind Machine will feed your mind with all the vitamins you need (including our secret vitamin M).

Play Mind Machine solo, or play against up to three of your friends or family in the multiplayer mode and post your records to the net!

Mind Machine is Mind Expanding!

Mind Machine Game Screenshoot:

Mind Machine Game Screens Mind Machine Game Screens

Mind Machine Game Screens Mind Machine Game Screens



Download From:

DepositFiles.com | dizz.ifolder.ru

Size: 30MB

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