Gta 4 Pc Beta Download

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFOs about the game


download links are not shared.

click here to download text file contain the whole DVD9 GTA IV PC BETA Tags: ,,,,,,,,,,
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SoulRampage said...

I Have Bad News To All The Members Wanting To Download This :

This Links Are OK
BUT :::
File 42 65 68 Are Corapted
1. Download The First File
2. Duble Click To Open With WinRar
3. If The *ISO* File Inside Is 500mg
Then This File Is JUNK

Gokul said...


Jaxter said...

all files are ok and checked
download all the file and extract them all you will find iso file size: 8.3GB approximate

Anonymous said...

how to download this?

Anonymous said...

Im owedi downloading 50 files.... i'll tll u guys if its working or not~ im downloading using cryptload~

Anonymous said...

ARGGHH!! Ive downloaded 90 files already, now all of the links are freaking down!!

Anonymous said...

where do you download ??? what page rapidshare ??

Anonymous said...

btw u guys all the links have been removed from rapidshare