Katamari Damacy PSP

My My Katamari Damacy for PSP features four-player wireless play, customization options such as new masks and headgear, as well as new interface options.

Published by: Namco
Developed by: Namco
Genre: Third-Person Action


My My Katamari Description:

This PSP followup to 2004's most original title looks just like its PS2 counterpart -- that is, full 3D, lots of objects to pick up, a similar looking prince as the main character, a similar screen layout and even the same visual style. One day, the island of Paradise Commonwealth Island, where many different kinds of animals live together in peace, is struck with a giant tsunami and is left a mess. A single turtle, who'd been separated from the island due to the tsunami, washes ashore on the nearby Prince Island and speaks of his misery to the Prince. This Prince is the very prince that has caused much havoc in previous Katamari games. Katamari Damacy PSP features one big change from previous titles: dynamic levels. The levels change based on the time and season. Levels also feature changing paths which make the game different each time you play.

ESRB Rating: E for Fantasy Violence
Genre: Third-Person Action

Exclusively on PlayStation Portable


My My Katamari Screenshoot:

Me and My Katamari Picture

Me and My Katamari Picture Me and My Katamari Picture






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