PSP Content Manager v1.8

PSP Content Manager is one the best computer applications you can have on hand to use with your PSP. It basically is a complete organizer for your PSP. It can change the order of anything including homebrew, save data, photos, isos, rss, and bookmarks. This is particularly useful when your homebrew list is getting long and you want to order them in a certain way so you do not have to always go scrolling or searching for certain ones.


One thing to note is that when you download this the homebrew folder may not be setup for the custom firmware that you are on. It will always recognize the GAME folder, but if for instance you want to change the firmware specific folder like GAME380 you have to change it manually.

Follow the steps below:
1. Connect your PSP to your PC.
2. Open PSP Content Manager
3. Go to the Custom Firmware tab.
4. Right click on any of the homebrews
5. Left click on Custom Firmware Setting
6. Change the name and folder accordingly

Now the manager can work with any firmware and can be updated as such. This is definitely a must have application, so waste no time in getting it and start organizing!



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