PSP Firmware 5.0 now available

Firmware 5.0 for the Sony PlayStation Portable is now out and available for downloading. Thanks to all the readers who told us about it. The big thing in FW 5.0 is the addition of direct access to the PlayStation Store.

Also new in this update are a full-size on-screen keyboard, a sleep timer that users can enable during music playback, and the ability to use the PSP Slim's video out feature to display PSOne titles at full screen resolution depending on the TV the Slim is connected to.

Official Change Log From The UPDATE Itself:

- The [PlayStation Network] category has been added, and [PlayStation Network] is now
available under this catagory.
- The sleep timer feature can now be used under [Music].
- The system will automatically change the USB mode when a USB cable is connected.
- The [Original] theme has been redesigned.

Updates for the 2000:
- PlayStation ® format software images can be output in full screen
- Connect your cable TV and video output in the case of interlaced, PlayStation
® format software to allow video Outputs.
- Added 3 more colors for backgrounds.

Updates for the 3000:
- Automatic Backlight Adjustment
- Color Space Has Been Added
- Flicker Reduction For Screen.
Other Updates Not Listed:
- Full Screen keyboard
- Video Title option
- Redesigned Music Options
- The Wave visual player redesigned
- MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video Main Profile (AVC CABAC) in the file size of 640 × 480

you can download the official firmware but i advice you that don't do this now because we are waiting for Dark_Alex M33 version of this firmware and should be available in month approximate!

Here is the 5.00 Official Firmware Download Link

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