PSPdisp v0.1

PSPdisp v0.1: use your PSP as an extra PC monitor

The PSP screen will have a total space of 960x544. Settings are adjusted from the PC. As Schleu says, "the PSP really only acts as a passive display." The author reports that the program works for both the slim and the phat running on custom firmware, and was tested on CFW 4.01M33. Here's a vid to give you an idea of what it does:


The program doesn't work on Vista though.
PC requirements:

  • Reasonably modern PC (Pentium 4 / Athlon64 or above) running a 32 Bit version of Windows XP. It may work under Windows 2000, but it is untested. 64 bit versions are not supported, as well as Windows Vista. I would like to provide a Vista version but it will probably never happen due to the changes in the display driver model regarding multi-monitor support.


Installation (how to)

  • Windows application, drivers, etc.
  • Download the installer below and execute it.
  • When it comes to the display driver installation, Windows will warn you that the driver is unsigned, let the setup program install it anyway.
  • After setup has finished, open your display settings and enable the new monitor then move it to the position you like.
  • Connect your PSP and copy the files from the "psp" folder in the installation directory to the memory stick.


Download: PSPdisp v0.1 and the pc installation


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