For the first time ever, immerse yourself in the world of CSI: NY. Experience original cases written by CSI writers and solve mysteries alongside your favorite characters from the hit TV crime show.

CSI: NEW YORK The Game Description:

Analyze the evidence. Solve the crimes. Step into the shoes of detectives Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera and enter the gritty world of the smash-hit TV show CSI:NY. Test your investigative knowledge in unsolved crime scenes created exclusively by the show's writers. Use real-life crime solving techniques such as evidence analysis and interrogation to confirm suspect's alibis or prove their guilt. Perfect your skills in an array of hi-tech mini-tames including code breaking facial reconstruction and many more. Features exclusive behind the scenes footage with the cast of CSI:NY!


  • SOLVE CRIMES IN THE BIG APPLE - Finally, CSI fans can experience the world, characters and mysteries of CSI: NY. Piece together clues and uncover hidden evidence in the biggest city in America. Explore five brand-new, bizarre crimes and bring suspects to justice.
  • PLAY AS THE STARS - For the first time, you can take on the role of CSI stars as you play the characters of Detectives Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera.
  • MORE ACCESSIBLE GAMEPLAY - A new, moody graphic-novel art style and more user-friendly interface will assure accessibility and hours of replay for all types of gamers. Improved gameplay includes new mechanics for conversations, blood work, computer use and much more.
  • CONTROL INTERROGATIONS - For the first time in CSI, control interrogations and use evidence to reveal a suspect’s lies. Take part in dramatic interrogations, and create atmospheric reenactments while exploring grisly crime scenes inspired by the show.
  • DIG DEEPER WITH NEW MINI-GAMES - Includes an incredible variety of new mini-games, including code breaking, facial reconstruction, identify locations from photos, triangulate shooter locations, manipulate the X-Ray scanner, physics simulation reconstructions, identify poisons, compare samples for differences, Internet searching and more!


CSI: NEW YORK The Game Screenshot:

CSI: NEW YORK The Game Screenshot


CSI: NEW YORK The Game Screenshot

CSI: NEW YORK The Game Screenshot

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