The Hustle: Detroit Streets

The Hustle: Detroit Streets (PSP)

The Hustle: Detroit Streets Description:

This is a pool game like no other. You’re a down-on-your-luck hustler, newly arrived in Detroit, where the tough streets are unforgiving and your survival depends on your ability to win cash and respect. You’ll need to scheme and employ trick shots to take down some of the city’s toughest pool sharks. Your skills and toughness will be challenged and tested like never before. Defeat your opposition, get the girl, and escape with your life. Are you going to live to hustle another day?

  • From the world’s #1 developer of pool games
  • Storyline-driven gameplay with a purpose
  • Interactive crowd that will influence your gameplay success - win their respect and your wins will be easy; lose their respect and you’ll fear for your life
  • 170 pool sharks to challenge, with advanced hustling ai and extensive motion capture
  • Trick shot editor
  • Amazing after-touch system - add impossible amounts of spin to the ball
  • Full dialog system for interaction with opponents and spectators
  • Aiming Aid subtly fades out after lining up shot for added difficulty
  • Wi-Fi capable for PSP



The Hustle: Detroit Streets Screenshot:

The Hustle: Detroit Streets (PSP)

Screenshot of The Hustle: Detroit Streets (PSP)

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