SchoolMate (すくぅ~るメイト) Full + English Patch

Language : Japanese + English Patch
Format : ISO
Media : 1 DVD

SchoolMate Game Description:

The player can choose from 5 female characters to play and from the character he chose he is able to choose to have another character interact, the story or sex styles, the setting, and how the character is dressed. There is also an overall story the player can go through to get a sense of the background. The player must start in story mode.
There is a story mode for each of the 5 female character which the player must go through. In the storymode the player is limited to only clicking to get to the next scenes, similar to the gameplay of interactive fiction games. After the player gets through a storymode of one of the characters, the sex options for that character will be playable and the player will be able to choose his location and the characters dressing options.
Unlike previous Illusion games, this game has a point system for the player to purchase clothes. The clothes the player can purchase is determined by points and by his history with the character. Points are attained through sex and is determined by a multiplyer and the sex number of different positions the player used. Each sex position has a different point value.

SchoolMate Game Screenshot:


SchoolMate Screenshot

Download Links Below

Fresh Links 23/11/09:

Pass: FLK
Password for utilities: mc-hentai

English Patch if the game in asian words:
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Anonymous said...

Links don't work. Getting "Error The file could not be found. Please check the download link."

Jaxter said...

Links Updated thanks for telling!

Anonymous said...

Downloaded the files, but it keeps telling me that 2 through 18 don't work. If you got an idea how to get this thing running please tell me.

Jaxter said...

what do you mean don't work explain more..

Anonymous said...

I'm using 7Zip. When I try to Extract the Files it keeps telling me there's a data error in "School_Mate.iso" and that the file is damaged/broken. I can't extract it and it doesn't work when I can only extract part 1. =)

Jaxter said...

use universal extractor if didn't work try to re-download from fresh links