Published by: Konami

Developed by: Konami

Genre: Sports
Release Date:
US: March 11, 2008 

MSRP: $29.99

Also Available On: PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wireless, Wii

Features: Console-to-PSP Link



Developed by Konami’s football Studio in Tokyo, the game contains all the realism and intuitive controls associated with the series. The PSP version of PES 2008 shares a lot in common with the existing PlayStation 2 game, with a wide range of tournaments and leagues on offer, alongside an all-new World Tour mode, wherein users are set a series of challenges as they tour the globe. As each task is successfully completed, further tests designed to show the capability of your chosen squad are unlocked.

Full Edit modes have also been incorporated into PES 2008, while the data sharing aspect has been totally reworked to allow users to continue building their team while away from their home system. As such, Master League information can now be swapped between the PSP and PlayStation 2 versions, as can League, World Tour and Cup Mode data.



Winning Eleven Ubiquitous Edition 2008 PSP
Winning Eleven Ubiquitous Edition 2008 PSP
Winning Eleven Ubiquitous Edition 2008 PSP
Winning Eleven Ubiquitous Edition 2008 PSP






Platform: PSP
Version: FULL
image: CSO
Language: Jap & Eng

Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2008  Download


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The object of Tabloid Tycoon™ is to build up your media empire by publishing high quality stories in each and every issue of your tabloid. The better the issue, the more people will purchase it. Watch out, as the competition is out to be the best tabloid as well, and they will do anything to outdo you, including sabotage.



Download Size: 56MB

Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Download

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Flight Simulator X: Acceleration is an expansion pack for Flight Simulator X, and features multi-player air racing, new missions, and all-new aircrafts.







Flight Simulator X: Acceleration allows gamers of all ages, types and skill levels to race against friends and engage in thrilling new missions in amazing, highly detailed locations around the world, test their skills and heroism in many new missions, fly three exciting new aircraft, and share rewards, photos and videos with friends and the broader flight community.



Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Download

Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Download

Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Download

Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Download



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Fight Night Round 3 features a range of boxers from across the years including De La Hoya, Ward, Gatti, Joe Frazier, Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr, and Mohammed Ali.






The first boxing game for PSP, EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 brings the most intense boxing video-game experience to the virtual ring. On the way to becoming boxing's greatest legend, train to fight like the best including Muhammad Ali and Oscar De La Hoya or create a boxing style unique only to your boxer. Go toe-to-toe with greats such as Ali, De La Hoya, Joe Frazier, Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. Outside of the ring, gamers can establish intense rivalries through pre-fight events putting purpose and passion behind every hit.



Fight Night Round 3


Download size 200MB

Fight Night Round 3



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The Hell in Vietnam for PC - The Hell in Vietnam PC Game - The Hell in Vietnam Computer Game

Set during the Tet Offensive, become an officer of the US Army and participate in one of its most bloody conflicts.




The Hell in Vietnam is a competent first-person shooter set in, yes, Vietnam. At first glance the gameplay is nearly identical to that of the Call of Duty series, both in graphics and in the objective-based action. On the positive side, the game looks great and runs very well even on modest hardware, but it soon becomes clear just why. Though nice from afar, textures blur when you come near and most foliage reveals itself to be made of annoying 2D sprite-like objects. Nonetheless, there is enough variation in weaponry, vehicles and missions to keep you interested. The non-stop action, punctuated with sneaky ambushes by charlie, does seem to give a sense of the hell that was Vietnam.


* Become an officer of the US Army and participate in one of its most bloody conflicts.
* 8 highly playable missions, giving you many hours of great entertainment.
* Detailed models of the US Army weaponry from 1968: M16 A1 assault rifle, M14 semiautomatic rifle, M79 CAW grenade launcher etc.
* Equally detailed models of the weapons used by the Vietnamese army: AK-47 assault rifle, PPsh 41 automatic, RPG-7 rocket launcher etc.
* Various military equipment for both sides of the conflict - PBR patrol boats, Huey and Mi-4 helicopters, BRDM armoured scout cars, and even F-4 Phantom planes.



The Hell In Vietnam Download

The Hell In Vietnam Download




Hell in Vietnam Download


Music Addon:





click for actual image size

Resolution : 1280X1024


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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition

Size: 8 GB DVD9
Format: ISO
Language: English









System Requirement:

Windows XP SP2 or Windows Seen Processing of 1GHz 256MB RAM for Windows XP SP2, 512MB for the Seen Windows Hard disk with free 14GB Plate of video with 32Mb, compatible with 9 DirectX Compatibility of the hardware with DirectX 9 Requirements for games on-line or multiplayer: Modem with connection 56,6 Kbps or superior for games on-line



Flight Simulator X is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark Flight Simulator. Players will be able to experience what it is like to be a pilot and have real distractions, to shade their eyes from the glare of reflective paint and the glint from glass and chrome. Players will also enjoy the opportunity to fly their dream aircraft -- from classic seaplanes like the de Havilland Beaver and Grumman Goose to the Cessna 172 there is a plane for every terrain and every player.

This deluxe edition comes with additional planes and missions to further your flight time.


Screen Shots:

click for large picture

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe 

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe



DVD1: Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe DVD1 REPACK-Razor1911
DVD2: Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe-Razor1911 -  join the parts with Hj-Split 2.3



Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Deluxe Edition)












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BlackSite Area 51-RELOADED

Published by: Midway Games

Developed by: Midway Studios - Austin

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Release Date:
US: November 12, 2007
Europe: November 16, 2007

MSRP: $49.99


BlackSite: Area 51 is a first-person shooter with squad tactics that takes you deep into a secret government facility.

System Requirement:

* Processor Intel Pentium IV 3,0 GHz or equivalent
* Windows XP/Vista
* Memory RAM: 2 GB
* Space HD: 15 free GB
* Plate of Video 256 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0


Following on the heels of the arcade and console shooter sensations, BlackSite: Area 51 is an action packed, first person shooter experience which pits gamers against alien enemy forces using the infamous U.S. government landmark, Area 51, and the surrounding areas as the battlefield backdrop. Set in present day, players take the role of a decorated military veteran charged by the government to lead a squadron of "secret soldiers," each with his/her own specialty skill set, into the Rachel, Nevada area to fight off the invasion of unidentified enemy races. The player's modern-day emotions and fears are driven into a world charged with grave responsibility affecting lives hanging in the balance and eventually finding himself torn between his professional orders and his own ethical standards. In the end, only the actions of the player and his squad can shape the outcome of BlackSite: Area 51 during this potentially pivotal moment in history.


Click for large picture

 BlackSite Area 51-RELOADED

 BlackSite Area 51-RELOADED

 BlackSite Area 51-RELOADED

Clip: Fire In the Hole!

Download Size: 11 GB

INSTALLATION: 1. DVDs with the HjSplit joins the the two parts of.

2. Serious or mount the images with the Daemon Tools.

3. Install The Game

4. Replace Crackfix in game directory .

5. Play, Enjoy it Thumbsup

Black Site Area 51 Download DVD9

FriendlyFiles DVD1 Parte 1 FriendlyFiles DVD1 Parte 2 FriendlyFiles DVD1 Parte 3 FriendlyFiles DVD1 Parte 4 FriendlyFiles DVD1 Parte 5 FriendlyFiles DVD1 Parte 6 FriendlyFiles DVD1 Parte 7 EatLime DVD1 Parte 1 EatLime DVD1 Parte 2 EatLime DVD1 Parte 3 EatLime DVD1 Parte 4 EatLime DVD1 Parte 5 EatLime DVD1 Parte 6 EatLime DVD1 Parte 7 yaStorage DVD1 Parte 1 yaStorage DVD1 Parte 2 yaStorage DVD1 Parte 3 yaStorage DVD1 Parte 4 yaStorage DVD1 Parte 5 yaStorage DVD1 Parte 6 yaStorage DVD1 Parte 7 File2You DVD1 Parte 1 File2You DVD1 Parte 2 File2You DVD1 Parte 3 File2You DVD1 Parte 4 File2You DVD1 Parte 5 File2You DVD1 Parte 6 File2You DVD1 Parte 7 FriendlyFiles DVD2 Parte 1 FriendlyFiles DVD2 Parte 2 FriendlyFiles DVD2 Parte 3 FriendlyFiles DVD2 Parte 4 FriendlyFiles DVD2 Parte 5 FriendlyFiles DVD2 Parte 6 FriendlyFiles DVD2 Parte 7 EatLime DVD2 Parte 1 EatLime DVD2 Parte 2 EatLime DVD2 Parte 3 EatLime DVD2 Parte 4 EatLime DVD2 Parte 5 EatLime DVD2 Parte 6 EatLime DVD2 Parte 7 yaStorage DVD2 Parte 1 yaStorage DVD2 Parte 2 yaStorage DVD2 Parte 3 yaStorage DVD2 Parte 4 yaStorage DVD2 Parte 5 yaStorage DVD2 Parte 6 yaStorage DVD2 Parte 7 File2You DVD2 Parte 1 File2You DVD2 Parte 2 File2You DVD2 Parte 3 File2You DVD2 Parte 4 File2You DVD2 Parte 5 File2You DVD2 Parte 6 File2You DVD2 Parte 7 CrackFix FriendlyFiles CrackFix yaStorage CrackFix EatLime CrackFix Badongo

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Tile Racer

Tile Racer is a freeware 3D stunt racing game which features realistic car physics and an in game track editor to create new maps to race on. At the moment the players are able to race for the best lap time but a hot seat split screen mode and an AI enemy to race against are in the works.

Tile Racer Screen Shot

Download Size: 78MB

Tile Racer Download


Established Nuclear vision Environment game Codename Gordon offers players dozens of levels, like Half-Life and Half-Life 2, forcing solve a lot of puzzles, and giving the opportunity to meet with the familiar characters in a totally new game two-dimensional space.

System requirements:

300 MHZ CPU, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB VIDEO
Size: 38.2 MB




Half-Life 2D: Codename Gordon

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