Justice League Heroes, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is an action game with role playing customization featuring DC Comics' most powerful and renowned team of super heroes. For the first time ever on current generation consoles, 1-2 players can play as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Zatanna and Martian Manhunter - plus other unlockable super heroes - together to save the world against a legion of notorious DC Comics' villains.Manhunter, and Zatanna.

Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive

Developed by: Snowblind Studios

Genre: Action

ESRB Content Descriptors: Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

Also Available On: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo DS


Only with the joined forces of the globe's greatest superheroes can the evils of the world be stopped in this game based on the comic book series from DC Comics. Brainiac and his villain cronies have a master plan to conquer the world and eliminate the Justice League forever. Now, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna and a host of other superheroes must join together to save the world from this legion of notorious villains. Each hero possesses an array of character-specific, upgradeable superpowers resulting in unique controls and fighting-styles. Engaging in one-to-two player cooperative combat, gamers will be able to customize and master these superpowers as they travel through interactive and destructible environments spanning the farthest corners of the universe.


Justice League Heroes Screenshot

Justice League Heroes Screenshot

Justice League Heroes Screenshot

* 7 playable super heroes, plus other unlockable characters, each with unique
* super powers and combat styles based on the iconic characters
* Compelling game-play featuring both hand-to-hand and air-to-ground cooperative,
* combat using a vast arsenal of character-specific super powers
* Rich and diverse visual style throughout multiple game-play levels boasting
* high quality graphics and interactive, destructible environments
* Engaging storyline from award-winning comic and animation writer Dwayne McDuffie
* told through in-game banter and 3D cinematic cut scenes
* Unique upgraded system allows players to customize and enhance their favorite
* super powers resulting in specialized controls and fighting-styles

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