The Atari 2600, released in October 1977, is the video game console credited with popularizing the use of microprocessor based hardware and cartridges containing game code, instead of having non-microprocessor dedicated hardware with all games built in.



complete game set with Emulator Stella 2.4

Atari 2600 Full Set Games Library  Download

Jackass Number two OST

Category: Rock/Pop, Rock, Soundtrack

Label: Bulletproof

Orig Year: 2006

Disc: 1

Studio/Live: Studio

Johnny Knoxville (Compilation); Jeff Tremaine (Compilation); Spike Jonze (Compilation); Ralph Sall (Compilation)



1. I'm Going To The Moon - Johnny Knoxville
2. If You're Gonna Be Dumb - Smut Peddlers
3. Gettin F**ked Up - Three 6 Mafia/Josey Scott
4. Backass - Karen O/Peaches
5. I'm Ashamed Of Myself - Chris Pontius
6. MF From Hell - The Datsuns
7. I'm Going To Die - Ehren McGehey
8. All My Friends Are Dead - Turbonegro
9. Urban Struggle - The Vandals
10. Your Teeth Look Like - Brandon Dicamillo
11. Fly - Cakecutter
12. Rectal Bleeding - Johnny Knoxville
13. F**k The Pain Away - Peaches
14. Are You Crying - Johnny Knoxville/Bam Margera
15. Little Less Conversation, A - Elvis Presley
16. Cut Your Hair - Pavement
17. Karazy - Chris Pontius
18. I Need A Doctor - Steve-O
19. Spill The Blood - Slayer
20. My Ass Hurts So Bad - Dave England
21. Johnny, Are You Queer - Josie Cotton
22. Sometimes I Don't Know If I'll Make It - Roger Alan Wade
23. Best Of Times, The - Cast Of Jackass



Jackass Number Two Soundtrack Download

Master Qwan's MahJongg is the classic matching game. Your goal is to clear the playing area of tiles by matching pairs before time runs out...

Jackass The Movie Original Soundtrack                          Back Cover:



Category: Comedies, Television/TV Series, Reality-Based (Tv), Stunt People, Performance Artists

Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment

Orig Year: 2002

Running Time: 84 Minutes


Track List:

1. Hi My Name Is Johnny Knoxville
2. Corona - The Minutemen
3. We Want Fun - Andrew W.K.
4. Flesh Into Gear - CKY
5. Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight - The Rezillos
6. California Sun - The Ramones
7. Alright Alright (Here's My Fist Where's The Fight?) - Sahara Hotnights
8. Let's Get Fucked Up - Smut Peddlers
9. Hybrid Moments - The Misfits
10. Cha Cha Twist - The Detroit Cobras
11. Angel Of Death - Slayer
12. Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot
13. How Did That Get There?
14. If You're Gonna Be Dumb - Roger Alan Wade


Jackass the movie OST Download



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1- Introduction:
Congratulations! You’re the owner of one of the most dynamic entertainment devices ever created. With your new PSP, your photos, music and videos are always just a flick of the power switch away. Maximizing your ‘PSP experience’ shouldn’t be a difficult task, and with the help of this and other guides; you should be well on your way to portable bliss.
This guide was written to serve as a source of answers for new PSP owners who are either confused by, or haven’t bothered reading the PSP manual.


2- Out of the Box
Well, you got the thing… let’s get the box open.
Box Contents (Value Pack)
PSP System
AC Power Cord
AC Adapter
Battery Pack
Headphones with Remote Control
32MB Memory Stick Duo
Write Strap
Cleaning Cloth
UMD Demo Disc

Not in the box
USB (Full ~ Mini) Cord
Memory Stick Reader

The PSP Value Pack includes everything you need to start enjoying game’s and other UMD media. What it doesn’t come with is a way to move media both to and from your Memory Stick Duo. To do this you need to purchase a USB (Full ~ Mini) Cord or a PC based Memory Stick Reader. Most digital cameras come with a USB cord that can be used with the PSP. If you own a digital camera, you may already have the necessary connections.

click to enlarge


3- Initial Setup and Charging
Grab your PSP manual. If you don’t have one then the online version can be found here .
I’m not going to re-type what’s already been written. What I will do though is point you directly to the pages of the manual that correspond to what we’re talking about here.


Getting Started

Insert the PSP Battery Pack (Pg. 25)
Charging (Pg. 26 and 38)
Initial Setup (Pg 27)

Once you’ve completed the Initial setup as instructed in the PSP manual; it’s a good idea to check your firmware version. PSP’s manufactured for North American consumers ship with firmware version 1.50 or 1.52. While there are external indicators as to what firmware version your PSP has, the easiest and most accurate way is to simply check the PSP’s settings menu.

Scroll to the ‘Settings’ selection on the far left of the PSP menu.
Scroll down to the ‘System Settings’ menu and press the X button.
Scroll down to the ‘System Information’ menu and press the X button.

At this point you should be presented with a screen displaying the MAC Address, System Software, and the Nickname you’ve given your PSP. The number listed after ‘Version’ indicates what version firmware your PSP currently has.

Version 1.00: Homebrew friendly, JDM PSP.
Version 1.50: Homebrew friendly after exploits.
Version 1.52: Not homebrew friendly. No known working exploits.
Version 1.51: Not homebrew friendly, but that’s the least of your problems.

As stated earlier, North American PSP’s shipped with firmware versions 1.50 or 1.52. Version 1.51 was released as a network update over a month before the exploitable flaws of Version 1.50 were discovered. If your new PSP states its version 1.51 then it’s safe to assume that it isn’t new at all. It’s very likely that you’ve purchased a returned PSP that’s been resold as new.

Adding and Organizing Media (Photos/Music/Movies)

One of the PSP’s best features is its ability to display and playback various media types. These media types include JPEG pictures, MP3 and ATRAC audio, and MP4 encoded video.

Formatting your Memory Stick Duo

Scroll to the ‘Settings’ menu and then to ‘System Settings’ and press X.
Scroll to ‘Format Memory Stick’ and press X.
When asked if you want to format the Memory Stick Duo highlight ‘Yes’ and press the X button.

Once the PSP is done formatting your Memory Stick Duo, you’re ready to connect it to your PC and complete the file structure setup.

If you’re using a USB cable connected to your PSP:

Exit the system settings menu, scroll up to ‘USB Connection’ and press X.
Connect the USB cable to your PSP as instructed in the manual. (Pg. 96)

Your PC should recognize the Memory Stick Duo and assign it a drive letter.

If you’re using a Memory Stick Reader:

Power you PSP off to insure it’s not attempting to access your Memory Stick Duo.
Remove your Memory Stick Duo from your PSP and insert it in your Memory Stick Reader.

Your PC should recognize the Memory Stick Duo and assign it a drive letter.



File Structure:

DCIM (Folder)
101MSDCF (Folder)

MP_ROOT (Folder)
100MNV01 (Folder)

PSP (Folder)
GAME (Folder)
MUSIC (Folder)
PHOTO (Folder)

MEMSTICK.IND (System File)

Pictures and Photos:

Music and Audio

Root:PSPMUSICHip HopKanye West

Pictures and Music/Audio are the easiest to place correctly on the Memory Stick Duo. Simply place the Pictures or Audio files in the appropriate folders and the PSP will display them in its menu.

Reminder: Pictures MUST be in JPEG format and Music must be either MP3 or ATRAC.


The file structure for Videos is a little different. While the video files must be in the correct folder, they also must adhere to a very specific naming convention for the PSP to display them.

Root:MP_ROOT100MNV01 M4V10001.MP4
Root:MP_ROOT100MNV01 M4V10002.MP4
Root:MP_ROOT100MNV01 FamilyGuyEpe1.MP4

MP4 encoded videos must be named M4V*****.MP4 to be recognized by your PSP. The * in the file name represents a number from 0 – 9.

PSP Video 9 will convert, name and place video files properly on your PSP.

Once your Picture. Music and Video files anr tranferred to your Memory Stick Duo, you should be able to view them in the appropriate places in your PSP's menu.

Tutorial written by Seek of MaxConsole Forums


Based on the animated series of the same name, Family Guy lets you take part in the Griffin family's unusual adventures.

Published by: 2K Games

Developed by: High Voltage Software

Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1

MSRP: $29.99

ESRB Content Descriptors: Mature Humor, Partial Nudity, Violence

Also Available On: PlayStation 2, Xbox



This new game from Take-Two's 2K Games will introduce the Griffins to gamers everywhere with a new video game title for multiple platforms. In the game, being developed as a third person action/adventure, players will take on the role of multiple characters such as Stewie, Brian the Dog, and Peter, the hapless patriarch, as they interact with many of the citizens of Quahog.



Family Guy Screenshot

Family Guy Screenshot

Family Guy Screenshot



Family Guy PSP Download


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01- Handriel X - VIP Remix
02- Delon - Nasty Girl Remix
03- Chrostoma Aguilera - Tell Me (Funkymix)
04- Mims - Like This (Digitraxx Mix)
06- T-Pain - Bartender (Feat Akon)
07- Ja Rule - Jou Body (R.E.E.O. Mix)
08- Vanessa da Mata - Boa Sorte (Deeplick Remix)
09- Dj Khaled feat. TI And Akon (Dj Dizney Mix)
10- Timbaland - The Way I Are (Dj Clinton Remix)
11- Yinag Uang Twins - Dangerous (Dj Allan Gurerres)
12- Cherish - Killa (R.E.E.O. Mix)
13- Will.I.Am - I Fot It From My Mama
14-- Gwen Srefani - The Sweet Escape (Funkymix)
15- Kanye West - Stronger (R.E.EO. Mix)
16- Florida- Low (R.E.EO. Mix)
17 - J. Holiday - Bed (R.E.EO. Mix)
18. 50 Cent - Ayo Technology (R.E.EO. Mix)
19 - Pitbull - Fuego (Crate Savers Mix)


Black Vol.1 Download


MotoGP is a good technical racing game, but the small selection of tracks and rigid artificial intelligence take some of the variety and excitement out of it.

Published by: Namco

Developed by: Namco

Genre: Racing
Number of Players: 1-8

Features: Memory Stick Duo/PRO Duo




MotoGP will let players experience one of the most exhilarating and competitive motor sports in the world -- and gives them the chance to take on their friends in thrilling Wireless multiplayer races for up to eight players via Ad Hoc Mode. This is the first time the MotoGP championship has appeared on PSP, allowing fans to race against their biking heroes, including Italian legend Valentino Rossi and Spanish veteran Sete Gibernau, on some of the most exciting circuits in motor sport.




MotoGP Screenshot

MotoGP Screenshot

MotoGP Screenshot

MotoGP Screenshot



MotoGP  PSP  Download

Language: ENG
Size: 294 MB (ISO)


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Collection of Various Categories

UHQ Wide and normal


DVDAudio official dvd live Tiësto who launched his tour of world, Elements Of Life World Tour, which shows because sometimes was named the best DJ of the world...Winking







Copenhagen-2008 DVD AUDIO


Disc 1: Tiësto Elements Of Life

01. Tiësto - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise
02. Deadmau5 - Not Exactly
03. Tiësto featuring JES - Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix)
04. Allure featuring Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside
05. Tiësto - Carpe Noctum
06. Unity Street - Say Ho!
07. James Doman vs. Red Carpet - Alright
08. Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
09. Signalrunners - Recoil2 (Mat Zo Remix)
10. Tiësto - Bright Morningstar
11. Miko - Muzaik (Marcus Schössow Remix)
12. Pascal Feliz - From Inside The Speaker (Part 1)
13. Starkillers - Killer
14. Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla - Stemcell
15. Tiësto - Elements Of Life
16. Breakfast - The Horizon
17. Oliver Smith - Tomahawk
18. Carl B. - Life Can Wait
19. Steve Forte Rio - A New Dawn (Extended Version)
20. Jedidja - Dancing Water
21. D'Alt Vila - Breathing

Disc 2: The Sound Of Tiësto

01. Tiësto featuring Maxi Jazz - Dance4Life (Freedom Mix)
02. Tiësto - Traffic
03. Tegan & Sara - Back In Your Head (Tiësto Remix)
04. Tiësto featuring Christian Burns - In The Dark
05. Tiësto featuring Charlotte Martin - Sweet Things (Tom Cloud Remix)
06. Tiësto featuring BT - Love Comes Again
07. Tiësto - Flight 643 (Richard Durand Remix)
08. Tiësto - Lethal Industry
09. Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
10. Tiësto - Adagio For Strings
11. Klaus Badelt - He's a Pirate (Tiësto Remix)
12. Bart Claessen - First Light (Original Dub Mix)
13. Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
14. Sean Tyas - Lift (Sean Tyas Rework)
15. First State - Sierra Nevada
16. Airbase - Medusa
17. Simon Patterson - Bulldozer
18. Gareth Emery - More Than Anything (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
19. Nenes & Pascal Feliz - Platinum
20. Cass Fox - Touch Me (Mike Koglin vs Jono Grant Remix)


Tiësto - Elements Of Life World Tour Download

Size: 580MB

320Kbps DVD Audio AC3

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