Genre: Arcade / 3D
Year: 2003
The developer / publisher: Digital Fusion
Language: English
Size: 19 MB (75.5 MB in unpacking)

Beach Head game long Description:

All went according to plan. The forces of the alliance had met with no resistance in the desert and anticipant victory. You have left rear guard, but enemy forces regrouped, and your mission is now being turned into hell. Can you cope with it? Or let your enemy defeat peer? Answers to these questions and you will give in this game.

Beach Head game Screenshots:

Beach Head Desert War (Portable/ENG)Beach Head Desert War (Portable/ENG)Beach Head Desert War (Portable/ENG)


Free Full Download: Beach Head Desert War for PC(Portable/ENG) FULL
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Artist: V.A

Album Name: Big Mike, DJ Thoro & DJ OP - Grand Theft Audio 4

Genre: Rap

Release: 2008


1. Lil Wayne - She Make Me Feel Good (Not On Carter 3 Worldwide Exclusive) (1:42)
2. Lil Wayne - Never Get It (No On Carter 3) (3:49)
3. Jadakiss - Homocide (0:55)
4. Styles P - I Like (3:43)
5. Styles P - I Don´t Wanna Be Rite (3:04)
6. Sheek Louch - 4,3,2,1 (0:47)
7. 50 Cent - Don´t Stop 50´s Music (0:51)
8. 50 Cent - Cruising Music (1:01)
9. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Movado - 1 Shot (2:36)
10. Young Buck - Tape Conversation (50 Cent Diss) (4:39)
11. The Game - Taped Conversation Part 2 (50 Cent Diss) (3:36)
12. The Game - Dope Boys f. Travis Barker (3:34)
13. Whyteout - Money Getta (2:23)
14. Styles P - Freestyle (1:18)
15. Sheek Louch - Freestyle (0:50)
16. Tommy Stars - Starstruck (3:34)
17. Cory Gunz - Drug Rap (4:59)
18. Tony Moxberg - Freestyle (1:25)
19. Lil Wayne - Ima Get Mine (0:36)
20. Lil Wayne - U Got It (0:35)
21. Lil Wayne - A Mille (Remix) (3:43)
22. Rawdoggz - freestyle (2:37)
23. 50 Cent feat G Unit - U So Tough (T



Free Music Download Mp3: Big Mike, DJ Thoro & DJ OP - Grand Theft Audio 4 Full
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Download Mp3 Albums: Big Mike, DJ Thoro & DJ OP - Grand Theft Audio 4 Full


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WALL-E Boxshot

Based on the Pixar movie, this game puts you in the the treads of WALL-E and EVE as they adventure across the galaxy.

Developed by: Savage Entertainment
Genre: Action Adventure
Genre: 3D Platformer
Publisher: Heavy Iron Studios
Platform: PSP
Type image: ISO
Language: Eng

Wall-E game long Description:

Players will take control of WALL/E and EVE through a fast-paced adventure based on the upcoming Disney/Pixar film. The game allows fans to relive some of the movie's most thrilling moments as they explore 10 worlds filled with non-stop action and adventure, along with head-to-head multiplayer challenges. In addition, the game contains new storylines and environments that movie-goers will not see in the movie.

Genre: Action Adventure

Also Available On: PC, PS 3, X360, Nintendo DS, PS 2, Macintosh, Wii, Wireless

Wall-E game Screenshots:

WALL-E (PSP) ScreenshotWALL-E (PSP) ScreenshotWALL-E (PSP) ScreenshotWALL-E (PSP) ScreenshotWALL-E (PSP) Screenshot

Free PSP Download: Wall-E (PSP) FULL
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Download Free Full Wall-E For PSP


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Game Box
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Maxis
Genre: Simulation
Size: 451MB
Format: .RAR
Language: English


You create and run the city of your dreams in SimCity 3000 Unlimited. You're God himself, shaping the landscape and summoning disasters according to your own convenience. And you're a big-city mayor, managing every last detail of your busy metropolis. Keep tabs on your creation as you listen to your Sim's response and get more immersed in your city than ever before.
Also Available On: Linux


SimCity 3000 Unlimited Picture

SimCity 3000 Unlimited PictureSimCity 3000 Unlimited PictureSimCity 3000 Unlimited PictureSimCity 3000 Unlimited Picture

Full Download Sim City 3000 Unlimited
join by HJSplit

Artist: V.A
Album Name: MTV Summer Hits
Genre: Top 40
Release: 2008
Label: Magic Records


1. Nelly feat. Fergie - Party People
2. Timbaland Keri Hilson Nicole Scherzinger - Scream
3. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
4. Jay Sean - Ride It
5. Ne-Yo - Closer
6. Cherish - Killa
7. Ala - Don’t Believe Them
8. Lumidee feat. Shaggy - Feel Like Makin’ Love
9. Sam Sparro - Black & Gold
10. Trzeci Wymiar - Inni Niz Wszyscy
11. Ramona Rey - Skarb
12. Blog 27 - Cute (I’m Not Cute!)
13. Lil Wayne feat. Static Major - Lollipop
14. Rihanna - Take A Bow
15. Natalia Kukulska feat. Bartek Krolik - Pol Na Pol
16. T.A.T.U - Belyi Plaschik
17. Schiller Mit Kim Anders - Let Me Love You
18. Sokol feat. Pono - W Aucie

Size: 92MB

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Legacy of Kain: Defiance has an outstanding premise, but it's ultimately a disappointment.

Size: 1.4GB

No. of Media: 2 CDs, 1 DVD

Published by: Eidos Interactive

Developed by: Crystal Dynamics

Genre: Third-Person Action Adventure

Language: English



The fifth in the Legacy of Kain series, Legacy of Kain: Defiance follows the epic drama of three major races -- vampire, human and Hylden -- all in a passionate fight for control the world, each one pursuing their idea of the "true" prophecy.

For the first time in the series, both Kain and Raziel are playable, offering more action-oriented gameplay with Kain, and more puzzle solving elements with Raziel. Defiance's deep new combat system utilizes trigger aiming, and a slew of new Telekenesis moves, adding the ability to move enemies around in the air, throwing them off ledges, against spikes, into fires and more.

Also known as: Soul Reaver 3

Also Available On: PlayStation 2, Xbox


Legacy of Kain: Defiance ScreenshotLegacy of Kain: Defiance Screenshot


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use alcohol 120% to mount or burn them.


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Artist: The City Of Prague Philharmonic;Kevin Kiner
Album Name: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Genre: SoundTrack
Release Year: 2008

Label: Sony


1. Star Wars Main Title & A Galaxy Divided
2. Admiral Yularen
3. Battle Of Christophsis
4. Meet Ahsoka
5. Obi-Wan To The Rescue
6. Sneaking Under The Shield
7. Jabba´s Palace
8. Anakin vs. Dooku
9. Landing On Teth
10. Destroying The Shield
11. B´omarr Monastery
12. General Loathsom / Battle Strategy
13. The Shield
14. Battle Of Teth
15. Jedi Don´t Run!
16. Obi-Wan´s Negotiation
17. The Jedi Council
18. General Loathsom / Ahsoka
19. Jabba´s Chamber Dance
20. Ziro Surrounded
21. Scaling The Cliff
22. Ziro´s Nightclub Band
23. Seedy City Swing
24. Escape From The Monastery
25. Infiltrating Ziro´s Lair
26. Courtyard Fight
27. Dunes Of Tatooine
28. Rough Landing
29. Padmé Imprisoned
30. Dooku Speaks With Jabba
31. Fight To The End
32. End Credits

Size: 97MB

Quality: 256Kbps

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Artist: Pink
Single Name: So What (Promo)
Genre: Pop
Release: 2008

Label: TG Records



P!nk - So What (Clean Version)
P!nk - So What (Album Version)


Size: 15,6 MB

Format: mp3

Quality: 320kbps

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Published by: Rockstar Games
Developed by: Rockstar North
Genre: Third-Person Action Adventure


Following the success of Grand Theft Auto, developer Rockstar North takes gamers on a tour of a new city in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. With new sights, new characters, new (ahem) business opportunities, and even a whole new '80s themed era, players can indulge in more criminal fun than ever before. Vice City features more expansive locations, and over 120 vehicles ripe for the picking such as exotic cars, motorcycles, luxury yachts and planes. The soundtrack boasts three times the tunes compared to the previous GTA, and features countless '80s hits. Over 40 different weapons ensure effective firepower and provide enough variety for stylish defensive measures (samurai sword anyone?).

Also Available On: PlayStation 2, Xbox


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Picture

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PictureGrand Theft Auto: Vice City PictureGrand Theft Auto: Vice City PictureGrand Theft Auto: Vice City Picture


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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Artist: James Brown

Album Name: Best Of Hits

Genre: Jazz

Release: 2008



01 Papa´s Got A Brand New Bag
02 I Got You (Live)
03 Prisoner Of Love
04 It´s A Man´s Man´s Man´s World (Live)
05 I Can´t Stand Myself
06 Body Heat
07 Sex Machine (Live)
08 Georgia On My Mind
09 Hot Pants (Live)
10 Please, Please, Please (Live)


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Sega's popular light gun series continues with House of the Dead III. Based on the original arcade game, the PC version lets you take down zombies with a shotgun, experience new storylines, and more.


Defy the undead with shotgun in hand as you explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland of unrelenting terror in The House of the Dead III. Fans of the series will thrill to beautifully rendered gore, time-sensitive gameplay, and a wide variety of branching paths. Gamers take out wave after wave of horrific zombies as they travel different routes and advance the story line, uncovering new secrets and hidden areas along the way. The all-new shotgun comes in handy when surrounded by an army of undead. Players must use it wisely to take out multiple enemies in a single blast as they plow their way through the most exhilarating nightmare yet.

Genre: Shooter

Also Available On: Arcade, Xbox


House Of the Dead 3 ScreenshotHouse Of the Dead 3 ScreenshotHouse Of the Dead 3 Screenshot


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File Name: The_House__of_The_Dead_3_up_by_SKBart.nrg

burn it by Nero or mount it!

Size: 520.82 MB


Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,, Cover 

It's more of a good thing, but a second-rate campaign and an underwhelming new gameplay mode keep this expansion from soaring.

The first expansion to Command & Conquer 3 follows the Brotherhood of Nod leader on his rise back to power following the second Tiberium War.

Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Publication Type: licensed
Language: English + Russian
Size: 1.8GB

Asia Cover



An expansion pack to C&C3, Kane's Wrath returns to the Tiberium universe with Kane at the center of an epic new single player campaign. The expansion allows players to experience a new story that spans 20 years – from the rebirth of the Brotherhood of Nod after the Second Tiberium War through the dramatic events of the Third Tiberium War and beyond. The story is told through a new set of high-definition live action video sequences starring a celebrity cast.

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath also features a new strategic layer to gameplay that allows players to establish bases, build customized armies, and attack their enemies on a global scale – and then dive into the frenzied tactical combat where their skills as a commander will make the difference in battle. The game introduces six new sub-factions and a wealth of new units, structures, and powers to the armies of the Global Defense Initiative, the Brotherhood of Nod, and the enigmatic alien Scrin.

Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Also Available On: Xbox 360


General Features

  • 13-mission single player campaign
  • Over 30 minutes of high-definition, full-motion videos
  • Six-all new sub-factions that add a wealth of new toys and powers to the armies of the Tiberium universe's three clashing superpowers, the Global Defense Initiative, Brotherhood of Nod and the Scrin, giving gamers nine sides to choose from in multiplayer
  • The new Global Conquest Mode allows commanders to create their own campaigns for world domination with an infinitely replayable strategic layer added to the frenzied, tactical combat they know and love



Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath ScreenshotCommand & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath ScreenshotCommand & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath ScreenshotCommand & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath ScreenshotCommand & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Screenshot

System Requirements: 

► operating system Windows XP or Windows Vista (64 - bit versions of Windows Vista are not supported)
► processor : Intel P4 2 GHz or AMD Athlon 2000 + for Windows XP; Intel P4 2,2 GHz or AMD Athlon 2200 + for Windows Vista
► 512 MB RAM for Windows XP; 1 GB for Windows Vista
► 8 - or more productive high-speed DVD-ROM drive *
► 6 or more gigabytes of free hard disk space
► Video: compatible with DirectX 9.0c, NVIDIA GeForce 4 + or ATI Radeon 8500 + for Windows XP; NVIDIA GeForce 6100 + or ATI Radeon 9500 + for Windows Vista (ATI Radeon 9200 graphics card and 9250 PCI, NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX not supported)
► Sound card, compatible with DirectX 9.0c (sound cards Creative Sound Blaster Audigy, installed in a system with Windows Vista, require a processor Intel P4 2,6 GHz


Command And Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath Full-Rip Multi-6 Skullptura
Full Game
Riped - Nothing!
Multi-6: English , Czech , Dutch , Hungarian , Polish , Swedish +Russian Add On
1) extract .7z archive (use latest "Winrar" v3.7x or "7-zip")
2) run setup.bat (Run as Administrator!? )


[Direct full speed download for 50c/GB]



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