Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-6 + LEDA 0.2

Custom Firmware 5.00 M33:

To install this custom firmware you must have a homebrew compatible PSP with custom firmware 3.52 M33-4 or higher.
Copy the UPDATE folder from the 5.00 M33 package to the /PSP/GAME/ folder on your memory stick. Than copy the 5.00 firmware original update, renamed as 500.PBP to the /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ folder on your memory stick.

Changes from custom firmware 4.01 M33 to 5.00 M33 are:

  • Bug fix: when changing speed in xmb, and the psp turned the brightness to 0 automatically the speed was reseted to 222 again.
    Author: Team M33
    Version: 5.00 M33-1
    Filesize: 184.15 KB


    Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-3:


    1.50 Addon for Custom Firmware 5.00 M33:

    This file allows you to add the 1.50 kernel to a 5.00 M33 installation. This kernel can be used to launch 1.50 coded homebrew on your PSP. You can only install this on a PSP-1000 (PSP Phat, Original PSP).

    To install this addon make sure you have firmware 5.00 M33 above installed on your PSP-1000, copy the addon to your /PSP/GAME5XX, than download the 1.50 firmware update and copy it to the root of your memory stick, renamed to 150.PBP. Finally run the addon client from your PSP's Game menu.


    LEDA 0.2 - Legacy Software Loader for PSP:

    Boasting compatibility with Slim and regular PSP units, LEDA integrates with M33 firmware to allow for the loading of 1.5 kernel based homebrew applications. Version 0.2 beta features improvements in the compatibility department.

    Full and Free Download from GameSMS

    PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-6:

    Full and Free Download from GameSMS
    Custom firmware 5.00 M33-6 attempts to the fix the low-speed Memory Stick issue that has been problematic for certain users since the release of 3.71.

    Changes in 5.00 M33-6:
    - Fixed a bug that made unbootable psp without memory stick or with a bad one.
    Changes in 5.00 M33-5

    This update is a try to fix memory stick low speed since 3.80.
    Instructions: Copy UPDATE folder /PSP/GAME/ and run.
    If you come from a version prior to 5.00 M33, put sony update as 500.PBP in same folder, or let the program download it for you using a wifi connection.
    - A setting has been added to recovery, that, when enabled it may increase memory stick reading speed. (only on the PSP, not in the PC).
    By default it is disabled. If you installed 3.71 fatmsmod, do not use this setting, as its perfomance with 3.71 driver has not been tested.
    Instead, reinstall 5.00 M33-4 using dc8 and update to 5.00 M33-5

    The included file fat_comparison.html contains a comparison of perfomance between the 5.00 fat driver, the 3.71 one, and the 5.00 one with the speed up
    hack during the read of an iso.
    The test was done on the game Valkyrie Profile in CSO format in March33 mode. Other games, modes and applications different than ISO reading showed similar results.

    PSP Custom Firmware 5.55 MOD:

    Full and Free Download from GameSMS

    By downloading and installing you accept all responsibility for what happens to your PSP's software and your PSP's hardware. we are not be held any responsible.


    Have you updated the Sony PSP firmware 5.0? Alright, there’s an issue in the 5.0 update related to the Memory Stick Pro Duo cards. When downloading the content from the Store to PSP with an 8 GB or 16 GB Memory Stick Duo media inserted, you may see a message appears saying that the media does not have sufficient free space, even if it is sufficient.


    Sony has classified this into the "known problems" and is working to fix it. The 5.01 Update should be out soon...

    10 PTF PSP Themes Collection


    Graffiti 2
    Brand New
    The Earth Defense Forces
    Gothic Theme
    Looney Tunes
    Marvel Heroes Theme
    Wave Theme
    Christmas Spirit Theme



    Screen size: 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 352x416
    Size: 10.2MB


    Mobile games includes:
    Hulkamnia Wrestling
    Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain
    Dogz 2
    Death Race
    The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
    NFL 2009
    NBA Smash!
    Million Dollar Poker feat. Gus Hansen
    Beowulf: The Mobile Game
    Kobe Bryant Pro Basketball 2008
    Free Full Games for Mobile Phone 
    Type: JAVA (.jar, .jad)

    Download this file for free @ UseNeXT

    Download Below

    This sequel to Valhalla Knights will feature a bigger world, a deeper story, and new character classes and races.
    Published by: Xseed Games
    Developed by: K2 (Japan)
    Genre: RPG 
    Language: English
    Work With: 4.01 M33-2 Custom Firmware

    Valhalla Knights 2 (PSP) Description:

    Sequel to the popular Valhalla Knights, Valhalla Knights 2 features a vast and expansive world to explore, as well as customization tools to create the ultimate battle party. This action RPG (Role Playing Game) sequel adds new races, job classes, weapons, magic spells, foes, armor and more to the Valhalla Knights universe, within an engrossing story arc.
    Controlling and choosing character aspects such as skills, race, and appearance, players can engage in real-time 6 on 6 battles, reliant on tactical combat strategies to achieve success. Supporting 2 player ad-hoc network play, gamers can engage in Co-op and Versus modes with friends, or simply trade items and weapons.
    Genre: RPG
    Local Play: 2 Versus / 2 Co-Op

    Exclusively on PlayStation Portable

    Valhalla Knights 2 (PSP) Screenshoot:

    Image 9
    Valhalla Knights 2 (2008) (PSP)

    Valhalla Knights 2 (2008) (PSP)

    Valhalla Knights 2 (2008) (PSP)

    Image 9

    Valhalla Knights 2 (2008) (PSP)


    Valhalla Knights 2 Free Download

    Other Info Tags: ,,,,,,,


    Artist: VA
    Album: ElectroBiT - Unmixed Series 044
    Release Date: 12.10.008
    Style: Electronic
    Number of tracks: 20
    Length:: 124:05 min
    Size, MB: 270 mb
    Bitrate: 320 kbps / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo



    01. Deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
    02. Egor Boss - Evil Passion (Electrixx remix)
    03. Bradler And Hurtig - Past Days (Beta Blokka Remix)
    04. Deviant Soundsystem - Filth & Funk (Original mix)
    05. Filthy Rich - Make You Freq (Miles Dyson remix)
    06. Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says (Will Bailey remix)
    07. Urban Monkeys - Dance Baby (Original mix)
    08. 30Hz Feat. Yolanda - Innocent (Far Too Loud remix)
    09. Beat Assassins Feat. Ragga Twins & Yolanda - The Hotness
    10. CeCe Peniston - Finally (Bart B More mix)
    11. Mr No Hands - Button Down (Groove Diggerz remix)
    12. Eargasm - Don't Dance (Hy2rogen & Manendra mix)
    13. Lunatic DJ's - Believe In Future (Secret Layor remix)
    14. Matias Rott - Hard Attack
    15. Weezer - Troublemaker (Azzido Da Bass Dub mix)
    16. Mightyfool - Hey Babe (Electric Soulside remix)
    17. Sia - Buttons (Chris Lake Dub remix)
    18. Krieger Feuersanger - Muunlight (Dennis Grell mix)
    19. Stereofunk - Hip Hip Hurra (Funkwerkstatt remix)
    20. Spencer & Hill - Right On Time (Original mix)



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