Sexy Dreams 3D



Warning: this is adult game if you are under of 18 age please don’t download


Your relationships will never be the same again. Why not spice up your sex life or have a bit of fun with Sexy Dreams the ultimate adult software for Windows, play with your partner, friends or even a group of two to four players.Sexy Dreams may actually improve your Sex life with your partner or with a group of friends.

Features and Benefits:

+ 600 Sexual 'Desires' to perform with other players and partners
+ 60 plus Sex toys and 25 plus interactions to choose, From household and food items to Eating, Sucking, Rubing and Biting your partners to Cosplay and Bondage.
+ 2 - 4 player simultaneous action, interact with just your partner or any other player in the game.
+ Buy and Sell each others clothes to strip your partner or opponents naked.
+ Straight, Gay and Bisexual Interactions are included so that anybody can play Sexy Dreams.
+ Add your own private sexual fantasies or upload them to share with others using the Sexy Dreams Editor.
+ Supports Multiple Languages


Full and Free Download from GameSMS

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