Windows XP PSP Theme 5.00 M33

Windows Xp Version psp themes for 5.00M33 created by Nothingface420.This theme is based on Windows XP with a few Vista stuff mixed in.


- Nothingface420 (Creator)
- Dax & Team M33 (Custom Firmware)
- Davee & Bubbletune (VSH Descrambler & Slim Colors Patch)
- ZingaBurga (RCO Editor)
- Poison (CXMB)
- Red Squirrel (CTF Manager)
- Bleesedhands (PRX Editor)
- Xander (CTF Downloader)
- Roe-Ur-Boat (Autostart V5)
- Highboy (Coldboot Text Replacer/Bootsound Replacer/Wave Injector/WAV to Vag/Vshmain Editor)
- And everyone who found offsets.



Full and Free Download from GameSMS

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