Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction Soundtrack

Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction Soundtrack By: Matt Uelmen

Artist: Original Video Game Soundtrack
Release Date: 2000
Format: .Mp3
Record Label: Blizzard Entertainment
Genre: Soundtrack
UPC: S7100334
Sub-Genre: Video Game

Diablo II video game soundtrack music Mp3

This is a very rare and out of print collector's item for fans of Blizzard's excellent game Diablo II. Regular commercially released cd.

The music was produced, composed, and performed by Matt Uelman. Guest musicians are Mustafa Waiz, Scott Petersen, Roger Weismeyer, Bernie Williams. Heart of Asia, Heart of Africa and Symphony of Voices samples by Spectrasonics.


Track Listing:
1. Wilderness
2. Rogue
3. Sisters
4. Spider
5. Jungle
6. Zakarum
7. Desert
8. Toru
9. Sanctuary
10. Crypt
11. Tombs
12. Monastery
13. Cave
14. Mesa
15. Leoric
16. Coda
17. Roger And Me

Mp3 Format
Bitrate 320kbps

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