Teddy Geiger - Snow Blankets The Night

Artist: Teddy Geiger
Album Name: Snow Blankets The Night
Genre: Pop
Year: 2006
Label: EMI
Size: 20 Mb
Format: .mp3
Quality: 129 kbps

Christmas album recorded in 2006. Music of the authors. Innovative and brilliant lyrics. Enjoy a song of truth, with a dash of romance.


1. Teddy Geiger - I found an angel
2. Teddy Geiger - Listen
3. Teddy Geiger - Our eyes
4. Teddy Geiger - All i want for christmas
5. Teddy Geiger - Theses Walls (Live at Harro East Ballroom)
6. Teddy Geiger - For you i will (Confidence) [Live at Harro East Ballroom]

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