Battle Raper 2 [English Version]
Developer: Illusion
Publisher: Illusion
Release date: April 22,2005
Genre: 3D fighter
Mode: Single player & Two Players
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Battle Raper 2 PC Game Details:

Battle Raper is a 3D fighting game in which the objective is to strip, grope, and sometimes actively rape the female characters, including a special move by the boss character and only male fighter where the female opponent is forced to perform fellatio as the camera zooms in. Like in most Hentai games, however, the penis is rendered invisible or transparent. There is also a feature in the game which allows the player to have sex with the female characters.

The year is 20XX A.D. Yuuki goes to an island in search of the symbol element of the power of god. The Eisen Kreuz guild, Arcana clan, and Osei clan are also in search of this element. A shiki attacks Yuuki when he gets on the island. And then he meet the guild and the clan. After meeting them he travels with one of the three clans. He fights the rival female characters against him. Yayoi gets attacked by Mukuro Gyoubu and Yuuki defends her. At the end he finds out that she had the element of the power of god.




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