Let's Play: Pet Hospitals -FASiSO

Let's Play: Pet Hospitals [2009] | PC Game | Language: Multi 5
Company: Deep Silver | Release date: March 14, 2009

Animals which have either run away or been abandoned, and may therefore be undernourished, ungroomed, and sick, are brought to the pet hospital. There, the player will need to take care of them and find them new homes, or return them to their original owners. PC or Nintendo DS vets will receive money for successful treatment, advising customers, and thus finding good homes for the pets under their care. This money can be used to build new condos and improve the pet center, for example by painting the walls, renewing the flooring and purchasing new furniture, or even clothes for the player character.


http://www.gamersgate.com/img/screenshots/DD-LPPH/PetCareCenter_006.jpg http://www.gamersgate.com/img/screenshots/DD-LPPH/PetCareCenter_004.jpg


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